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Ohio Police are Outrageously Charging Opioid Overdose Survivors With a Trumped-Up Misdemeanor

As Ohio communities seek relief from the opioid crisis, some are testing a controversial approach to address high rates of drug overdoses.

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Doctor Murdered for NOT Prescribing Opioids

Authorities are investigating the murder of a doctor in northern Indiana, who was shot to death for not prescribing opioid medication.

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America’s Demand For Drugs Is Fueling Illegal Immigration

A new feature in the New York Times describes in detail the steady stream of drugs, money and guns that cycle back and forth between the United States and Mexico. 

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Weed Is Legal in Colorado - But Somehow There's Still an Effort to Criminalize Advertising It

A new bill moving through the Colorado state legislature could mean trouble for those who illegally advertise marijuana online. 

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China A Hotbed of Illegal Online Drug Sales

The New York Times reports that Chinese companies are selling illegal drugs like flakka, spice, and bath salts online, reinforcing their role as a leading producer and exporter of synthetic drugs.

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To the Highest Bidder: Elvis Presley's Pill Bottles Go Up for Auction

The King of Rock and Roll’s empty pill bottles, which contained Parafon Forte and Trisoralen, will be sold at auction in New York on May 16.

“Some years ago, we sold the first Elvis pill bottle that a lady found in the trash at Graceland for a considerable amount of money and we started to realize there was a market for this type of thing,” Darren Julien, from Julien’s Auctions, told the Daily Mail

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5 Reasons Why This Week Was Historic for Ending America's War on Drugs and Cruel Incarceration Policies

It happened at a dizzying pace. One big victory for the drug and prison reform community after another. The Attorney General addressed our massive prison problem, the DEA continues to be scrutinized for its shady law enforcement tactics, a federal judge ruled the NYPD's stop-and-frisk tactic unconstitutional, a major media personality admitted he was wrong about marijuana's health risks, and New York City's Comptroller released a report explaining why marijuana should be legalized.

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Why Growing Numbers of the Baby Boomer Generation Are Turning to Marijuana

As US marijuana laws evolve and society distances itself from previous prohibitionist attitudes, the baby boomer generation (born roughly 1946-1964), is smoking pot at an ever higher rate—or at least more of them are admitting it. As of 2011, 6.3% of adults between ages 50 and 59 reported using marijuana, up from 2.7% in 2002, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. "There's a resurgence of interest in pot and psychedelics in baby boomers," Rick Doblin, executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, tells The Fix. "Many of them had experience with these substances in college, then gave them up for their families and careers. Now that they're retiring and no longer working, they're more open." Doblin, who is 59 and has been a regular toker since he was 17, says his marijuana use has become more "work-oriented" as he's gotten older. "I better understand how to use [pot] for activity rather than just relaxation," he explains. "It goes terrific with exercise and physical labor. Older people understand this better."

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Could Legalizing Weed Curb Alcohol-Related Violence

Legalizing marijuana could help reduce the harms of excessive teen drinking, suggests one of Australia's leading alcohol experts. Professor Robin Room, the head of Australia's Centre for Alcohol Policy Research, tells The Herald Sun that pot causes "substantially less" harm than alcohol and tobacco. And given that alcohol-related violence and hospital admissions show no signs of waning in the country, he says it's "time for a discussion" on new approaches to the problem. "It makes sense to legalize marijuana in a controlled market," he says. "The other drugs have nothing on alcohol when it comes to its clear association with violence." Room, who is a leading academic at Melbourne University, notes that marijuana is not harmless, but he argues that mixing alcohol with pot—instead of purely drinking—makes teens "less likely to become aggressive." Chief Commissioner Ken Lay of Victoria Police is firmly opposed to the idea, saying: "I see the harm that marijuana and other drugs do to the community every day of the week." Other alcohol control schemes proposed by Room include raising the legal drinking age, limiting sales to certain hours, creating a government monopoly to control sales, lowering blood-alcohol limits for drivers, and limiting the number of liquor stores by area.

Is 'Dabbing' the Crack of Pot?

This article first appeared on The Fix

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