John Lavitt

Drug Use In The Third Reich: Q&A with Author Norman Ohler

In Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich, Norman Ohler accomplished a feat that many historians desire, but never quite achieve. By shedding light on the drug usage of Nazi Germany as a whole and Adolf Hitler in particular, the author manages to cover new ground and shed a bright light on a previously dark corner of 20th century history. After reading his truly impressive account, the reader feels like a new understanding has been developed of one of the reasons why Nazi Germany was so successful in the early part of the war, and why it was doomed to eventually fail for virtually the same reasons. From the widespread use and intense popularity of Pervitin, a pharmacological equivalent to today’s crystal methamphetamine, to Adolf Hitler’s gullible addiction to the opiate Eukodol, Ohler excavates the dark history of drug use in the Third Reich.

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Can a Cocaine Vaccine Keep Addicts from Using?

This article first appeared in The Fix, which features coverage on addiction and recovery, straight up. 

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