Jeremy Galloway

Heroin, Poverty, and Politics in Rural America

Driving through much of Appalachia you’ll still see tar paper shacks, people living in dilapidated homes with no electricity, and scant signs of economic opportunity. I grew up in the mountains of Western Maryland, across the Potomac from West Virginia, in the dying days of the coal and manufacturing industries there. 

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How to Figure out If Your Drug Use Is Really a Problem

This article was originally published by The Influence, a news site that covers the full spectrum of human relationships with drugs. Follow The Influence on Facebook or Twitter.

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Dying for Help: How American Jails Are Killing People Going Through Opioid Withdrawal

The overdose crisis has touched almost every corner of the United States. According to the CDC over 47,000 people died from overdoses in 2014, most from opioids like heroin, hydrocodone, OxyContin, morphine and fentanyl.

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