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Bill Nye The Science Guy Doesn't Get High But He Is Into Pot Legalization

Bill Nye, colloquially titled “The Science Guy,” said in a NowThisinterview that he welcomes the societal benefits of legalization, though he isn’t a fan of using the drug himself.

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The 10 Craziest Ways People Have Tried to Get High

1. Sea Bream Heads The idea that you can get high from eating the heads of sea bream might sound fishy, but it's true—just ask the two Frenchmen who tripped out after a seafood dinner in 2006. One of them, aged 90, suffered auditory hallucinations and terrifying nightmares for the next two nights, while his 40-year-old companion saw horrible sights for 36 straight hours. The pair had been hit by a grave case of icthyoallyeinotoxism—the technical term for getting high off fish. The ancient Romans, as you'd expect, used to do sarpa salpa heads recreationally. But don't plan your psychedelic fishing trip just yet. The effects come from indole, a substance found in the algae and plankton in the sarpa salpa's diet, and which accumulates in its head. The levels of hallucinogens present vary greatly. Which means you could chew on fish heads for hours and still not see a single tiny winged devil.

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5 Newscasters Who Humiliated Themselves On-Air

This article originally appeared on The Fix.

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10 Craziest Drug Busts

Since the biggest drug bust ever recorded in 1989, the United States has opened an ever-widening spigot of federal spending, amounting to around $1 trillion. It has focused on military and paramilitary interdiction that has crossed countless borders into sovereign countries, in both covert and overt actions that have strained diplomatic relations. Every year since 1989, the US has spent more money than the last. In '89, under the leadership of President George H. W. Bush, the feds spent a modest $7.8 billion on the WoD. Today, the annual cost has risen to $26 billion. The result? The US incarcerates more of its citizens than Stalin did at the height of the Soviet gulags—most of them low-level drug offenders. So what do we get in exchange? Some flashy police work. Read on.

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