Sam Pizzigati

Billionaires Won’t Save the World - Just Look at Elon Musk

Will Mars save humanity? Or will our savior be billionaire Elon Musk?

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The Big Pharma Family That Brought Us the Opioid Crisis

If the devil wears Prada, what do America’s most destructive drug pushers wear? They wear smiles. The drug pushers we have in mind here have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, enough fatalities to decrease overall U.S. life expectancy at birth for the last two years running. Yet no police SWAT teams have pounded down any doors hunting these drug pushers down.

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The Plutocrats Are Champing at the Bit to Punish Us with Pricey Road Tolls

Early this past December, Virginia state officials opened up their latest “dynamically priced” toll superhighway, a 10-mile stretch of interstate that runs from Northern Virginia into Washington, D.C. Ten days later, commuter Chris Kane looked up at the signage that continually updates the road’s current rush-hour fare.

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Corporate Excuse for Obscene CEO Pay? 'The Free Market Made Us Do It!'

Apologists for the many millions in compensation that America’s largest corporations regularly dole out to their top executives have essentially one basic, all-purpose go-to defense.

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Should Teachers Have to Panhandle to Prep for a New School Year?

Back to school! These three simple words used to leave America’s public school teachers giddy with anticipation. Now they leave them opening up their wallets and worrying.

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Remembering the Insider Who Blew the Whistle on Corporate Greed

If you work in a corrupt system, you have two basic options.

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Trump's Cabinet Is Coming After What's Left of the Middle Class

In a typical corporate board of directors meeting, what do CEOs see when they look out across their richly lacquered boardroom tables? Lots of other CEOs.

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Why Does Pet Care Cost So Much?

Anyone who owns a pet knows that the cost of caring for old Fluffy or Fido has gone up considerably over recent years.

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As Wealth for the Middle Class Shrinks, It May Be Time for a Radical Intervention

The basic idea behind the “mulligan” ­– you flub a shot, you get to take the shot again — may be golf’s most endearing contribution to world civilization.

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Banks Screw Americans Trying Desperately to Stay Afloat

Almost two-thirds of Americans today—63 percent—don’t have enough savings to cover an unexpected $500 expense. Anything from an emergency brake job to a refrigerator on the fritz could zero out their bank accounts.

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