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Trump’s War on Urban ‘Carnage’ Was a Ruse

One of President Trump’s favorite themes is what he calls “American carnage” — typified by “the violence” and “the gangs.”

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Washington's Most Beleaguered Workers Earn a Long-Overdue Break

Getting time off when you’re sick, or need to care for a new child or ailing parent, shouldn’t be a luxury enjoyed only by those who are financially well off. Yet low-wage workers in the United States — the workers who need paid leave the most — typically have this key benefit denied them.

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Fighting Racism Where White Workers Are Hurting, Too

Since 2011, Maine’s bombastic Republican governor Paul LePage has given America a taste of what it might be like to live under a Donald Trump presidency.

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Here's a Super Idea for the Climate - and Your Wallet: If You Waste Less, You Should Pay Less

On average, each person in the U.S. throws away five pounds of solid waste each day. While many eco–conscious citizens do their due diligence to recycle, compost, and reduce waste, others remain apathetic about preserving the environment.

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I Spent My Honeymoon in Prison - for a Damned Good Reason

It was a few days after my wedding. I was supposed to be honeymooning at a nearby winery with my newly minted husband, celebrating our unlikely marriage at age 55.

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Oligarchs Have Been Peddling the Idea that Poor People Are to Blame for Their Problems for Centuries

Even major American philanthropists have subscribed to this idea.

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Now the 1% Live 15 Years Longer Than the Poorest: The Death Gap's Increasing

Rich people live longer than poor people. No big news there—we’ve known that health tracks wealth for quite some time now.

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The Death Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Only Getting Bigger

Rich people live longer than poor people. No big news there — we’ve known that health tracks wealth for quite some time now.

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How Racism Sneaks Into Everyday Life

This spring, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus has been the site of several heinous acts of racism: An Asian student was spat on and a black student received a note with obscenities and racial slurs slipped under her door.

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Trump Has Given White Supremacist Groups New Life

The staying power of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has surprised and unsettled people across the political spectrum. Many voters who are angry about the loss of middle-class jobs and frustrated with our broken politics have rallied to Trump’s outsider campaign.

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