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Actress Cynthia Nixon Could Take Down New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Over Education

Should a state with extreme wealth and extreme poverty use public education to even the playing field so all children have an opportunity to improve their conditions?

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Marching Backwards For Freedom

In 1965, Martin Luther King, Jr. led marchers to the Dallas County Courthouse in Selma, Alabama to demand their right to vote.  When they got there, they were arrested. That arrest, and the police brutality that followed it, galvanized the nation and forced passage of the Voting Rights Act.

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Pushing for Real Change in the Democratic Party

Will the Democratic Party open itself up to the new grassroots energy and activism that is rising in American politics, or will its insiders assume they can continue business as usual yet still reap the benefits of the resistance to Donald Trump?

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How the School Privatization Agenda Turns Public School Parents into Feeling Like They Are Criminals

In researching an upcoming article I’m writing about the St. Louis school system, and the district’s ongoing funding crisis, I came across an astonishing example of who wins and who loses in current approaches to government budget balancing.

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What Progressives Should Demand from the FBI

Many Americans are rightfully outraged at the firing of FBI Director James Comey, just as they were shocked at Comey’s ability to influence political events. But what can we do about it?

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Who’s Behind the Billionaire PAC Targeting Elizabeth Warren?

America Rising, a billionaire-backed conservative group, is targeting Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts as she tours the country in support of her new book, according to a memo obtained by Politico.

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Tax Reform Should Begin With Making Polluters Pay

As we begin our national conversation about tax reform, why don’t we start with low-hanging fruit—the things we can all agree are right? Why not reinstate the Superfund tax, which used to make polluters pay to clean up their own mess?

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Gorsuch’s Approval Would Put Vulnerable Students At Risk

Students with disabilities already face a difficult path through our nation’s education system, but President Donald Trump appears determined to add to the disadvantages these students already face. His nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is yet another sign his administration is less than eager to uphold the rights of these students.

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Trump and DeVos Hatch a Deceptive Scheme to Push School Vouchers

Since President Donald Trump picked Betsy DeVos to be his new Education secretary, there’s been lots of talk in the media that his administration, with his secretary out front, will push for vouchers so parents can withdraw their children from public schools and get money to pay for tuition at private schools, even religious ones.

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