Too Much: A Commentary on Excess and Inequality

Guess Who Gives More of Their Money to Charity: People Who Make More or Less Than $200k a Year?

Billionaire CEO Nicholas Woodman, news reports trumpeted earlier this month, has set aside $450 million worth of his GoPro software stock to set up a brand-new charitable foundation.

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America’s 400 Ridiculously Richest People: 2014 Edition

Imagine yourself part of the typical American family. Your household would have, the Federal Reserve reported last month, a net worth of $81,200.

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10 Greediest People in America

Butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers. You won’t find any of them in this latest annual list of America’s most avaricious. You will find wheelers and dealers and even a candy store heiress.

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Are Heartless People Simply Born That Way?

People who cut food stamps - and gut child labor laws - most all had empathy when they came into the world. So what squeezed the empathy out? Analysts are pointing to inequality.

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The Latest Census of Global Fortunes: Mo' Money for the 1%

For the global economy, notes the just-released 17th annual World Wealth Report from the Capgemini wealth consultancy and the Royal Bank of Canada, 2012 turned out to be one real downer.

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Meet the CEO Who Cut Worker Pay in Half While Pulling in $21 Million Last Year

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The American Housing Market is Set to Screw People Far into the Future

Our political vocabulary is changing all the time. Words that loom large in one generation’s national public discourse can almost totally disappear in the next.

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5 Ways to Beat the Plutocrats

Our contemporary billionaires, most Americans would likely agree, are exploiting our labor and polluting our politics. Can we shrink our super rich down to a much less powerful — and more democratic — size? Of course we can. We Americans, after all, have already done that shrinking once before.

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Something's Very Wrong When Only the Rich get Richer

We’ve all heard plenty of chatter over recent years about the widening gap “between rich and poor.” But what about the gap between rich and middle? This divide seldom ever gets much media play, an inattention that makes no sense. The gap between America’s high-income and middle-income households, after all, has been growing almost as fast as the gap between rich and poor.

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