Sadly, No!

Right-Wing Response to Underpants Bomber Hilariously Hypocritical

Over at America’s Shittiest Website™, the reaction to the underpants bomber has been as swift as it was predictable. Naturally, because his flaming jockey shorts scared some people on the plane and has left right-wingers quaking with fear and soiling their own non-explosive underpants, this is the worst terrorist attack on American soil ever. And it’s completely Obama's fault. In fact, the first thing Obama should now do is fire everyone in sight, admit that he's the worst president ever, come back from Hawaii, and have his picture taken in the Oval Office while wearing sackcloth and ashes and apologizing profusely to the Dutch guy who burned his fingers and is getting paid the big bucks to do TV interviews.

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X-Mas Terror Elicits the Expected Response from Greater Wingnuttia

The incident on the Amsterdam-Detroit flight yesterday has, inevitably, elicited a torrent of nonsense from the usual suspects, all of whom apparently rushed to their computers before the Christmas roast had even been carved to share their almost entirely predictable, if completely ludicrous, takeaways on the subject.

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The Top Ten Years of This Decade

We want in on the end-of-the-decade list pr0n, thank you very much:

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Did We Quit When the Tea-Baggers Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Logan Murphy is right that Lawrence O’Donnell was pretty perfect in his interview of cobweb-brained townhall goofball Katy Abram.

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What You Can Do to Fight Teabagging Astroturf

So the teabaggers have apparently made it their personal jihad to preserve our inefficient and substandard health care system. As is their wont, they see health care reform as an effort to help give freebies to illegal immigrants rather than to Real Americans.

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Birther Insanity Continues to Spiral Out of Control

Bill Maher nailed it when he said that Birthers couldn’t be convinced even if you

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Pat Boone Gets All Misty About Waterboarding

Pat “Junk in a Box” Boone has a new column up at Wingnut Daily about waterboarding. I don’t know about you, but when I have questions about waterboarding and other forms of torture I think there is no better expert than a washed-up pop singer.

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Bill Kristol Embarrasses Himself on the Daily Show

Bill Kristol, who famously struggles to achieve the accuracy of a broken clock, went on the Daily Show yesterday and served up the most bizarre argument against public health care to date. It all starts when Jon Stewart, in a bit of gotcha triumphalism (the health care talk begins at the 6:00 mark), manages to get Kristol to admit that the government does in fact provide ‘first-class health care’ … to the military (beginning at about the 11:00 mark).

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The Wingnut Manifesto

You’re Free Republic founder Jim Robinson and you’ve drawn a line in the sand:

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Michelle Malkin Freaks Out Because the Government Might Help Poor People a Tiny Bit

Michelle Malkin ominously warns us to ‘[b]eware the grubby paws‘ of Barney Frank. It seems that the ‘powerful Massachusetts Democrat last week quietly introduced legislation that aims to use $1 billion in dividends paid by the recipients of government aid to provide rental housing opportunities for low-income and homeless families.’


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