D. Aristophanes

The Top Ten Years of This Decade

We want in on the end-of-the-decade list pr0n, thank you very much:

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Did We Quit When the Tea-Baggers Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Logan Murphy is right that Lawrence O’Donnell was pretty perfect in his interview of cobweb-brained townhall goofball Katy Abram.

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Bill Kristol Embarrasses Himself on the Daily Show

Bill Kristol, who famously struggles to achieve the accuracy of a broken clock, went on the Daily Show yesterday and served up the most bizarre argument against public health care to date. It all starts when Jon Stewart, in a bit of gotcha triumphalism (the health care talk begins at the 6:00 mark), manages to get Kristol to admit that the government does in fact provide ‘first-class health care’ … to the military (beginning at about the 11:00 mark).

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The Wingnut Manifesto

You’re Free Republic founder Jim Robinson and you’ve drawn a line in the sand:

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Michelle Malkin Freaks Out Because the Government Might Help Poor People a Tiny Bit

Michelle Malkin ominously warns us to ‘[b]eware the grubby paws‘ of Barney Frank. It seems that the ‘powerful Massachusetts Democrat last week quietly introduced legislation that aims to use $1 billion in dividends paid by the recipients of government aid to provide rental housing opportunities for low-income and homeless families.’

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