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Ted Nugent Won't Stop Ridiculing Parkland's Teenage Survivors

Longtime NRA board member and musician Ted Nugent isn't backing down from criticizing some of the Parkland school shooting survivors, despite the backlash he's received. Nugent, 69, went after 17-year-old David Hogg during an appearance on the Curtis and Cosby show for New York's WABC Radio on Monday. The gun rights activist railed against Hogg—a student…

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Donald Trump's Moronic Military Parade Could Feed Every Homeless Vet for Weeks

Trump's Military Parade Could Feed Every Homeless Vet

President Donald Trump's military parade is set to kick off on Veterans Day, but at a cost that even conservative estimates show could feed every homeless veteran for at least two weeks, a Newsweek analysis found.

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Weed and Bitcoin Are Luring Millennials to Wall Street

Cannabis stocks and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin helped fuel an explosion of millennial investors on Wall Street in 2017. ... Ameritrade's CEO Tim Hockey told Business Insider last week. Hockey said marijuana and blockchain stocks helped entice millennials, who have been historically distrustful of the market that crashed during either ...

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Trump Thought Only Black People Were on Welfare


Trump Meets Every Major Criteria for an Authoritarian Leader

Trump Meets Every Criteria For An Authoritarian Leader

Two political scientists from Harvard University have identified four warning signs that indicate if someone poses a dangerous authoritarian risk to a nation. ... to the Civil War, has come close to ticking off all four boxes, one of the authors told Newsweek—until Donald Trump came along. Professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt have authored the new book How ...

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A Jeff Sessions Adviser Thinks Doctors Should Force Suspected Addicts Into Rehab and Drug Test All Patients

Attorney General Jeff Sessions received marijuana policy advice from a seasoned veteran of the War on drugs, who helped popularize the phrase "Gateway Drug" and has proposed that doctors force some ...

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