Janice Williams

Howard Stern Has a Word of Advice for His Old Friend, Donald Trump

Howard Stern has some advice for his good pal President Donald Trump: “Get the fuck out of there!” And by there, Stern meant the White House. The radio host made the remarks on Tuesday's episode of his SiriusXM radio show. He was chatting with co-host Robin Quivers about Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy…

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These Are the Best Pot Products in 2017


Colorado’s Monthly Pot Sales Are Getting Even Higher

Marijuana sales in Colorado are soaring. The state, which legalized adult pot use in 2014, achieved a milestone in May, when pot sales topped $100 million for the 12th consecutive month, according to a Thursday report by marijuana news site The Cannabist.

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14 Weed Words and Terms Everyone Should Know

Weed Words You Need To Know

While people in states where marijuana is legal may know what someone means when asking for a particular marijuana strain at a dispensary, someone living in a state that hasn’t legalized medical or recreational marijuana use may not know that a marijuana strain is a particular classification of a cannabis plant. In fact, they may not…

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3 Myths About How Party Drugs Affect the Body

How Party Drugs Affect The Body

Despite popular belief, psychedelic drugs like LSD or acid, magic mushrooms and ecstasy don’t affect the human body similarly to illicit recreational drugs like cocaine or heroin. In fact, some psychedelics are even used as a form of treatment or medicine for people suffering from various types of illnesses like depression and anxiety, unlike cocaine or…

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How Many of These Nicknames for Marijuana Have You Heard?

Dank, Ganja, Greens And Other Marijuana Nicknames To Know

More than half of the United States allow legal use of marijuana in some capacity. In fact, a lawmaker even introduced a bill Feb. 27 that would make marijuana federally legal if passed into legislation. As more states consider legalizing medical and/or recreational use, cannabis vernacular will most likely become increasingly common across the nation. While…

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Can Cocaine Use Lead to Alzheimer's?

Can Cocaine Use Lead To Alzheimer's Disease?

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