Melissa Matthews

Weed May Help Addicts with Alcohol and Cocaine Relapse

Addiction is an ongoing fight, and the slightest stress or anxiety-inducing event can make drugs and alcohol harder to resist. ... of the chemical compounds found in marijuana. Related: Opioid Crisis: Is Arkansas Paving The Way for Big Pharma, Not Taxpayers, to Pay for Addiction? A study conducted by Scripps Research Institute in California ...

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The 10 Best and Worst States to Raise Healthy Kids

The Best And Worst States To Raise Healthy Kids

Any parent can tell you that raising a child is expensive. In fact, raising a kid in the United States is more expensive than ever. Washington Post reports that the average family spends about $233,610 from the time their baby greets the world to 17 years old, which is roughly $13,000 a year. The rising costs…

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Do Marijuana Suppositories Really Work? New Research Gets to the Bottom of It

What You Should Know About Marijuana Suppositories

Rectal marijuana? Weed suppositories? Smoking might be the most common way to get high, but apparently it’s not the best —at least for medicinal purposes. As Vice puts it, "...taking it up the butt is actually much more effective than smoking it." Talk of rectal marijuana hit the news cycle following a story in the National…

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The Shape of Your Brain Could Determine Your Personality

Have you ever wondered why you were prone to bouts of moodiness or why you were always so easy going? Turns out personality could be linked to brain shape, according to new research. Scientists found that brains with a thicker cortex, smaller volume, and less folding were connected to increased levels of neuroticism. Openness, however, was…

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