Nicole Goodkind

The Trump Administration Wants to Cut Off Internet Access for Poor Americans

A new rule championed by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai would would limit internet and phone access for millions of low-income and elderly Americans. Pai's proposed changes to the Lifeline Program, which currently serves 12 million Americans by providing subsidized phone and internet service, would cut service to about 70 percent, or 8 million, of…

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Trump Brings Back Coal Miner Jobs, But Deaths Soar

Coal miner Rodney Osborne was towards the end of a double shift at the Gateway Eagle Mine in West Virginia in June when the 32-year-old was crushed to death by a rotating drill. A subsequent investigation revealed that Osborne, who had been working at the Boone County mine for just five months, had not received adequate…

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Would Donald Trump Step Down After a Single Term?

Trump May Not Seek Re-election: White House Insiders

Another top GOP official has raised doubts about whether President Donald Trump will run for re-election. Senator Rand Paul said Sunday night that even though the president is raising millions for a 2020 campaign, Republicans should not assume he's running. “There could well be a primary," the junior senator from Kentucky said on MSNBC, after being…{C}

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