Jeff Schuhrke

Chicago Teachers Are Trying to Organize the Biggest Charter School Union in the U.S.

As Education Secretary Betsy DeVos calls for expanding charter schools and voucher programs in the name of “choice,” teachers at Chicago's largest charter school have declared their choice to form a union.

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Ohio Factory Workers Fight for a Union: 'Everyone Deserves a Seat at the Table'

Forklift operator Timi Jernigan hopes President-elect Donald Trump fulfills his campaign promise to bring more manufacturing jobs to the United States. But he knows from experience that not all factory jobs are the same.

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Univ. of Massachusetts Grad Student Workers Endorse BDS Against Israel

In a rebuke to their union’s top officials, graduate student workers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst overwhelmingly approved a measure aimed at supporting Palestinian human rights last week.

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American and Palestinian Unionists Build International Solidarity To Win ‘Freedom’ for Palestine

In an address on Middle East policy last month, Bernie Sanders —the first Jewish American to win a presidential primary—did something virtually unheard of in contemporary U.S. politics when he called for an end to “what amounts to the occupation of Palestinian territory” by Israel. 

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