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What the United States Postal Service teaches us about the government versus private sectors

Republicans and neoliberals force feed Americans too many fallacies. The problem is these pseudo-realities are detrimental to our pocketbooks, health, and more. The U.S. Postal Service comes to mind anytime discussing efficiency as it is the clear example of a myth that can be dispelled thoroughly with apparent examples.

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Reverend warns Christians against adopting religion according to Trump: 'Praying for a man preying on many'

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II afforded Politics Done Right a great conversation on those practicing religion according to Trump. I asked the reverend how do we best reach those who are being led astray by their religious leaders, pastors, and shepherds. His answer was quite clear.

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Healthcare lobbyists own Republican Party — and half of the Democrats

Thom Hartmann was recently the guest on Politics Done Right. He discussed his new book "The Hidden History of Guns and the Second Amendment," impeachment, and Medicare for All.

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Democratic leaders needs to learn how to grandstand in the Trump era

The Democratic Party’s leadership is bewildering to many, but Americans are not stupid. While there is a sect of Trump voters that would be activated and energized by impeachment, there are more sane people in the country, including those behind the old blue wall that will vote appropriately (or not at all) when Democrats and a few Republicans make the case demonstrating the corrupt scourge that is the president.

On Wednesday, May 22, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer visited the White House to discuss an infrastructure bill. Earlier in the day, Pelosi had accused the president of a cover-up. Given the president’s childlike temper and past acts, Pelosi and Schumer should have expected a grandstanding stunt, and had one of their own ready. In fact, theirs would have perfectly leveraged the president’s insistence of his innocence from both Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.

Such grandstanding by Pelosi and Schumer would have garnered national attention, if done with the right cadence and timing.

An aide should have had the two volumes of the Mueller report in a briefcase. Pelosi and Schumer should have had talking points already written out. They should have placed the 400-page printout on a podium, and then said something like this:

The Mueller report is more than 400 pages long. We cannot expect our busy citizens, trying to make ends meet, to read it all. That is our job. And we did. This report is a fact-finding mission and it is our job to analyze the results and act appropriately. What we have found in this document is that our president and his team were corrupt. Now we must decide what course we must take that will best serve the country.

  • The 2nd paragraph of the Mueller report states that “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion. Evidence of Russian government operations began to surface in mid-2016.”
  • Throughout volume 1 of the report, it is clear that many of Trump’s people had several interactions with Russian operatives. While the investigation did not result in a charge of treason or some other crime, every American must be concerned that Trump’s people had relationships with these characters.
  • One must not forget the last-minute, out-of-the-blue change to the Republican Party platform that was favorable to the Russians at the expense of the Ukrainians. 
  • There are already dozens of indictments, and several of Trump’s closest team members are already serving time in prison.

The enumerated list should have then continued with page numbers and allegation after allegation, in a sort of sonnet form.

For some time I believed impeachment would have detracted from the Democratic message, and not been worth it. Now, with the bullying, taunting president openly obstructing the process, impeachment is a must, lest Democrats seem weak.

Joy-Ann Reid’s commentary on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was both prescient and notable. She made it clear that the Democratic leadership has bought into a fallacy: a mystical belief that Trump has a hold on the electorate when he, in fact, does not. Reid said the Democratic leadership continues to fear the Trump voter, more so than the backlash from the Democratic base.

Let’s hope that changes sooner rather than later.

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How this 1971 memo from a conservative Supreme Court justice infiltrated every institution in US society — and hoodwinked American citizens

The powers-that-be have progressively neutered Americans politically. They brainwashed them into believing that the government was some third entity instead of the reality that it is we-the-people. This misguidance was a well-orchestrated attack by those who feared Americans were getting too smart, thus putting their wealth supremacy at risk.

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Why Democratic punditry’s disregard of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders is a losing recipe

Democratic pundits would do well to stop trying to slant Democrats' views of the state of the race and the candidates. It will hurt chances to win not only the presidency but Congress and state legislatures as it depresses a more engaged millennial base.

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Chuck Todd’s interview with Mitt Romney: A massive failure that shows exactly why Americans uninformed on healthcare

Chuck Todd reverted to form on Sunday's Meet The Press. He interviewed Senator Mitt Romney with excellent questions. The problem is that he accepted Romney's answers at face value. Sadly for the average American, after listening to the interview, they would have left more misinformed than when they started.

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Here's why the power structure fears Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) appeared at the South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) in Austin Texas. The Intercept Briahana Gray interviewed her.

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Here's how to stop the GOP from using 'socialist' to scare off Democrats

I believe in having an economic system that works for everyone. It must be Democratic. The best one is a hybrid featuring free enterprise and a robust safety net, a system unable to hoard capital, which is a detriment to the economy as a whole.

Ironically, as they take their unearned spoils, many of their employees are working several jobs to keep up, or relying on food stamps. This truth is not rocket science. It is the same pathology that keeps many majorities at the behest of immoral minorities (read: South Africa).

Here is a sad reality: Food stamp con artists share much in common with most of the unfettered capitalists. They both make money off of the labor and intellect of others. They both work out schemes in which they benefit financially on the backs of others. They both produce nothing to move society forward.

I know many will take exception. After all, didn't Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs' intellect create mega computers that revolutionized efficiency and productivity? Again, that is what you were taught to believe. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were good at what they did. But most importantly, they were chosen—and then their monopolies froze most out of their markets.

Does anyone believe that only a few dozen Americans have the intellect and insight to do what they did? Just like thousands of churches have singers as good or better than Mariah Carey but aren’t plucked from obscurity for fame and fortune, the same applies to technology.

The GOP does an outstanding job at turning words used by progressives into pejoratives. We must do the same with their words. Interestingly, we would not have to use Cuba or Venezuela to prove the failure of the economic system. We only have to ask average citizens to look at their paychecks, bank account statements, and credit card bills over time.

There is a basic tenet we must recognize in our economic system, explained by the article "Why our economic system is designed to keep most people broke by robbing us legally":

Pricing of any product in our economic system has its basis on a corrosive concept known as "Whatever the market will bear." And what will the market bear? All of your income plus your total creditworthiness, how much you can borrow.

Sadly, the reality is that corporations whose fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders and their huge undeserved salaries will keep raising prices until people are simply unable to afford what they are selling. If it is something they must have, Americans will spend up to their limit to get it.

The tenets of the current economic system are predicated on this behavior that effectively prevents us from saving. It makes us entities that are nothing but conduits of our income used to create the increasing wealth of a few, those who determine prices, the Plutocrats.

Ultimately, those with unregulated and unlimited pricing power on necessary products and services can ensure the rest of us will never accumulate wealth. They own you. They can extort you.

The above reality defines our economy, which has evolved into an odious form of capitalism. The proof is a continual decline in the wealth of the masses as the few get a more significant percentage. If this remains unchanged, math will prevail. Welcome to indentured servitude.

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'Like lemmings off a cliff': Sen. Sherrod Brown schools Chuck Todd on bogus narrative about Democrats moving left

Chuck Todd did what he does by attempting to put Democrats on the spot with poorly spun and interpreted narratives. Senator Sherrod Brown would have none of it. Instead, he went toe to toe with Todd, unlike other Democrats who generally acquiesce to the neoliberal lunacy.

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Here's why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scares both the Republican right and the Democratic center

Why would Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 29-year-old freshman member of Congress and Democratic Socialist, so rattle both the Republican right and the Democratic center? The short answer is very simple.

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This Liberal Went to a Right-Wing Candidate Forum and Saw a Dangerous Alternate Reality

I've been to TEA Party events and many other Right Wing events. While these events always left me baffled, there was some modicum of reality to those past events. Trump has bred a new kind of politicians and followers. And what I saw was dangerous - an alternate reality. There is one silver lining, however.

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Only a Progressive Renaissance Can Rebuild the Middle Class

The last time our country was governable was back in 2009 and 2010. Democrats had a supermajority in the Senate and a substantial lead in the House of Representatives. During those two years, President Obama got more accomplished than any president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In fact, the policies passed during those two years are responsible for all economic progress, however anemic, that was made under President Obama.

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Rachel Maddow Details the Carnage Trumpcare Will Inflict on Tens of Millions of Americans

Rachel Maddow could not hold back about the catastrophe that is Trumpcare; the AHCA just passed by the Republicans House of Representatives. Maddow spent the time to detail the pain that the AHCA will inflict on Americans if it ever became the law of the land.

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Rachel Maddow: Poll Reveals Trump Voters Live in Alternate State of Reality

If anyone ever doubted the degree to which the Trump voter is misinformed, this clip from last night's Rachel Maddow's program is eye-opening. It is no longer funny. It presents a danger wherein Trump can manipulate his base to create chaos when he needs a distraction.

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Trump Ripped the Scab off Our Country's Racism: Let's Get to Work at Eradicating the Infection

Every thinking American knows that Donald Trump has ripped the scab off a very infected wound. We all know that America still suffers from the infection that is racism. But most people figured as long as we didn’t talk about it, we could avoid dealing with it. There were many who remained willfully ignorant.

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Van Jones Slams Republicans Over Their Newfound Compassion for Drug Users (VIDEO)

Van Jones slams Republicans for their recent compassion for drug abusers (VIDEO):

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More Than $47,000 for Emergency Transport to a Hospital - Is This Health Care?

The timidity of Americans to vote for and force real change in our health care system will continue making us a willing participant in our pilfer. The story that could potentially affect every American should be probative.

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WATCH: Esquire's Charlie Pierce on Oregon Massacre: 'One of Our Political Parties is Completely Insane'

Esquire political blogger Charlie Pierce appeared on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss the shooting massacre at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Earlier President Obama was visibly exasperated as he discussed America's collective failure to effect better gun control.

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How Bill de Blasio Schooled a Right-Wing Planted Reporter -- A Guide for Progressives

A reporter asked one of the most divisive questions at a news conference in New York City featuring Bill de Blasio, his commissioner, and police chief. The reporter's question was barely audible. He asked the mayor if he approved of anti-police chants, with some equating the police to the KKK. Bill de Blasio did not run away from the question. He answered it straight on.

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