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What Does Leadership Look Like? Business Experts Would Say Obama Not Romney

Business columnists say there's more to it than acting on TV.

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Leadership is not being a salesman repackaging old ideas or rejecting new ones, such as gutting Obamacare, sustaining the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, spending billions on weapons systems that the military doesn’t want, or reverting to an America where women had far fewer reproductive rights or contraceptive options, and so on.

But the question emerges: will Obama and Biden convey to Americans watching them debate on TV that the next president should not be an old school salesman-in-chief but a forward-looking commander who has insights and plans to navigate today’s issues?

As the Times reports, the choice facing voters is stark, starting with health care. But the bigger question is will American voters be duped by a breezy sales pitch or recognize what real political leadership looks like in 2012?

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America's retirement crisis, democracy and voting rights, and campaigns and elections. He is the author of "Count My Vote: A Citizen's Guide to Voting" (AlterNet Books, 2008).

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