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The War on Workers' Religious Liberty

The fight against the birth control mandate is part of a larger effort to give the boss control over your private life.

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The notion that women aren’t the proper owners of their very own bodies is evident in other ways as well, such as in the number of people  who think that it’s perfectly okay for men to touch strange women in intimate places on their bodies in public. With this current of belief that women aren’t the proper owners of their bodies, it’s no wonder that we still have problems like  Justice Scalia claiming that women don’t actually have a constitutional right to use contraception, even though that’s been settled law for nearly fifty years now. 

So that’s what we have here: Conservatives are using the notion that women aren’t the full owners of their sexuality as leverage to create legal precedent for employers to dock your compensation because you don’t share their religious beliefs. But once that door opens, it will almost surely be used to expand your employer’s power over your private life and religious choices even more. Once “religious liberty” is defined as “giving an employer a vote in how you conduct yourself on your own time,” all sorts of other powers will rush in and all other incursions on your private life will be made. Christians who are eager to have a vote in your contraception choices are also going to want to have a vote over whether you live with someone outside of marriage, are gay, or otherwise make personal choices that violate  their religious beliefs. 

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