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Is Jon Stewart Alienating His Fanbase?

"The Daily Show" host's praise for "ZDT" and his dismissal of the platinum coin may be pushing liberal fans away

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Not every one of his targets, though, is quite so unhappy with their coverage. Ed Needham, a member of Occupy Wall Street’s press relations working group, told Salon that the group hadn’t minded “The Daily Show’s” attempt to paint them as a self-satisfied mix of “moochers” and “Ivy League assholes.”

“We’re certainly worthy of criticism from time to time. There’s gonna be disagreements. There’s certainly no animosity. I think he’s someone who speaks truth to power.”

Indeed, Stewart will always have his fan base, and it’s not just made up of liberals. After opening the floor to commenters who took a less dim view of Stewart’s remarks on “Zero Dark Thirty,” Andrew Sullivan emailed Salon: “I don’t consider myself a liberal critic of Stewart; I consider myself a conservative admirer.”


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