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Election Day Live: Obama Called Winner, Big Night for Drug Reform

Today's the day. Follow AlterNet for election coverage.

Today's the day. We've reached the end of a long, brutal campaign season. 2012's Presidential race saw nasty character attacks and shameless deceptions; wide-scale voter suppression efforts; the purchase of our democracy by obscene wealth thanks to Citizens United (and way too much Donald Trump). As we round the final stretch, AlterNet will be updating all day to keep you up on congressional races, ballot initiatives, voting issues, and everything else you need to know, so check back in! 

11:40 Marijuana initiatives appear to pass in Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts

Stop the Drug war says the news looks like a clean sweep for drug reform.

11:13 PM NBC projects Obama as the winner

per NBC news.

10:41 Progressive Alan Grayson called winner for House Race

Grayson will be back in Congress. 174 electoral votes for Romney, 162 for Obama according to MSNBC.

10:07 Obama Romney tied at 162 Electoral Votes

Per NBC news. Claire McCaskill declared the winner by Fox News.

9:56 Obama called winner in New Hampshire

Big first swing state victory declared by NBC news. Florida's Bill Nelson and Connecticut's Chris Murphy called winners for the US Senate by the networks

9:38 Tammy Baldwin called the winner in Wisconsin

Obama called the winner of Wisconsin, Tommy Thompson loses to Tammy Baldwin, a progressive pick-up for Democrats.

9:32 NBC with a new electoral vote tally

158 Obama to 153 for Romney, says NBC. FoxNews declares Sherrod Brown the winner in Ohio and Donnelly the winner over Mourdock in Indiana.

9:15 Fox News calls Pennsylvania for Obama & More

Fox News says Obama has won Pennsylvania, CNN has called the House for Republicans, Elizabeth Warren has won in Massachusetts say the network exit polls.

9:02: CNN with new results

152 for Romney to 123 for Obama

8:34 CNN has Romney with 73 and Obama with 64

Many key battleground states too close to call.

8:02: CNN has new Electoral Vote talliies

64 Obama to 40 Romney says CNN, 79 Obama to 71 Romney says Fox News. MSNBC has Romney 82, Obama 64.

7:53: More early states for Romney

Mitt Romney has carried West Virginia, and South Carolina Fox News projects.

7:20: Indiana awarded to Romney

NBC News reports that Romney has enough votes to win Indiana.

7:17: First electoral votes results announced

Obama awarded Vermont's 3 electoral votes, Romney Kentucky's 8 on the NYT Big-Board

7:12 Mourdock in Trouble in indiana

GOP Sen. Candidate Mourdock is getting weak numbers in rural districts of Indiana.

6:32 PM: Indiana+Kentucky early numbers

We've got presidential numbers for Indiana and Kentucky, and Indiana's Senate race.

6:22 GOP knives coming out early?

Chris Christie has attacked "know-nothing disgruntled Romney staffers" after the sparks flew over the NJ Gov.'s focus on the aftermath of the storm that devasted the Northeast,  according to a new article by AlterNet's Laura Gottesdiener.

6:13 Run-Down on Where Obama Holds the Early Voting Advantage

AlterNet's Alex Kane  writes that Obama and the Democrats hold the early voting advantage in Florida, Iowa and Nevada."

6:10 Nail-Biter in North Carolina:

AlterNet's Lynn Parramore writes that the "early voting favors Obama, but (notoriously unreliable) early exit polls show a possible Romney swing."

6:06 No Parking for Democrats

In SW Pennsylvania, Mother Jones reports:

Early this afternoon in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, there were five signs in place aimed at stopping Democrats from parking near a polling station, according to Pennsylvania voters Erica Gust and Lori Marks. One read: "NO PARKING FOR DEMOCRATS - WALK THAT WILL BE THE MOST WORK YOU DO ALL DAY." The signs were mounted on barricades—one directly in front of the polling place entrance. According to Gust, who snapped the enclosed photo with her smartphone, when she returned later in the afternoon, the sign directly in front of the entrance had been removed, but the four others remained. The polling place is on Van Vorrhis in Fallowfield Township, in southwest Pennsylvania.

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