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The Craziest Conservative Conspiracy Theories About Hurricane Isaac

The fabulists on the right are eager to blame Obama, one way or another.

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WND and Limbaugh haven’t cornered the market on Isaac-related unhingedness. In another corner of the Internet, a coterie of conspiracists who peddle vague theories about malevolent plans to geoengineer the planet are saying that “chemtrails” and “chembombs” were deployed to change the storm’s course.

For those not familiar, the  “chemtrails” conspiracy theory posits that the government uses contrails (the puffy strands of exhaust that trail behind jets) as a cover for releasing dangerous substances into the atmosphere.

According to a widely republished article that originated on a website called Chemtrails Planet, Isaac’s path was affected by “huge aerosols over the storm in conjunction with aerosols that had been deployed in advance of the arrival of the storm.” Chemtrails Planet goes on to suggest the perpetrator was Evergreen International Aviation, a private company  with reported connections to the CIA.

Chemtrails Planet doesn’t bother to explain  why the government would want to affect a hurricane’s course – but influential conspiracy theorist  Alex Jones had one idea.

“We would be weird to  not say it could be government-created as some type of disaster for the election,” Jones said in a video uploaded to YouTube Tuesday. “That’s not outside the realm of possibility.”

Yes, that would  totally weird. To not say it.



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