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Confronting the Truth About our Deadly Drug Policy on Overdose Awareness Day

Friday, August 31, is dedicated to understanding a new epidemic.

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I hope this sensible approach doesn’t stop here for ONDCP. I hope they continue to talk about solutions like the Good Samaritan 911 laws being passed all over the country, to encourage people to quickly report a suspected overdose.

I hope they begin urging all drug treatment facilities to make naloxone available to their patients upon discharge. I hope they encourage colleges and universities to make naloxone available in their health centers.

But most of all, I hope they continue to reach out to everyone who cares so deeply about this issue, including people who use drugs, those who care for them, and those of us who work so hard to help them stay healthy and alive.

I hope fewer people have a difficult day this time next year.

Meghan Ralston is the harm reduction coordinator for the Drug Policy Alliance.