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WATCH: This Safe Sex Ad Is So Sexy and Awesome that Australia Banned it from the Airwaves

Luckily, the Internet doesn't care about the law.

Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube


A racy commercial was banned from Australian television, but it has gone viral on the Internet.

Four Seasons Condoms, an Australian-owned condom company, produced the advertisement to be shown on TV in the country. But TV watchdogs canned it.

The commercial shows a couple looking for the right-size condom. They try out different size condoms in the store--by having sex. A store employee checks in on them to ask how they feel.  A doctor says the condom the man is wearing “really brings out the color of your eyes.”   The sex occurs while shoppers walk around nonchalantly.

It has already garnered one million views.  Watch it here:

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