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The 10 Worst Things NRA's Ted Nugent Said During His "Black Power" Concert Tour

As a musician and conservative commentator, Nugent is to many the public face of the NRA.


National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent is well known for making inflammatory remarks during his performances, as evidenced by an infamous  video from a 2007 concert where the machinegun-toting rocker called then-Sen. Barack Obama a "piece of shit" and then-Sen. Hillary Clinton a "worthless bitch."

Fan videos posted online from Nugent's " Black Power 2013" tour -- which he named as a way to pay "tribute to our black heroes nightly" -- indicate that Nugent has only ramped up his rhetoric, launching inflammatory attacks on President Obama and using violent imagery to describe his opposition to the federal government.

Among the lowlights, Nugent attacked the "lying racist in the White House," "criminal pieces of shit in the IRS," "dirty cocksuckers in the government," "the jack boot Nazi motherfuckers in the Department of Justice," "fucking retarded mongrels" who support animal rights, and "well-fed motherfucker food stamp cocksuckers." He also drew a comparison between the American Revolution and the present, stating, "When the British came to take our guns we met them at Concord Bridge and we blew their fucking brains out," and warned his audience, "keep a fucking gun in your hand, boys."

As a musician and  conservative commentator, Nugent is to many the public face of the NRA. Nugent has had a longstanding relationship with the gun rights organization, serving on its board of directors  since 1995. In the group's 2013 board elections Nugent was  second only to Fox News contributor Oliver North for most votes in favor of reelection. Nugent is also a fixture of the NRA's annual meeting, delivering talks in  20082010,20112012 and 2013. After the 2012 meeting, Nugent drew the attention of the Secret Service for  saying he would be "dead or in jail" if Obama was reelected as president. An NRA memo indicated that he was  paid $50,000 by the NRA for a "spoken presentation" in 2011. Nugent is also the  author of a song, "I Am The NRA" that  includes the lyrics: "If you hate tyrants and dictators and are ready to give freedom a whirl/Celebrate the NRA and the shot heard round the world."

Despite his lengthy history of  inflammatory comments, Nugent twice appeared on CNN to discuss gun violence prevention legislation proposed after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut. While previewing an interview with Nugent, CNN reporter Deb Feyerick said on  the February 1 edition of Erin Burnett OutFront  that Nugent has a "very firm grasp of the facts" about gun violence and "a very deep connection with the facts and the facts that he needs to make his argument." After airing the Nugent interview on February 4, host Erin Burnett and Feyerick treated Nugent's conspiracy theory that the Obama administration was planning to confiscate firearms  as a credible argument. Notably Nugent  botched an indisputable fact of the Sandy Hook massacre in a February 13 column for conspiracy website WND, where he claimed that the shooter did not use an assault weapon. Still, Nugent  made an appearance on Erin Burnett OutFront  on April 11 to again discuss gun violence prevention legislation, although no mention was made of his past inflammatory rhetoric or false claims about gun violence.

Below are 10 inflammatory moments from Nugent's "Black Power" tour:

Nugent On The Current State Of Affairs: "When The British Came To Take Our Guns We Met Them At Concord Bridge And We Blew Their Fucking Brains Out"

From a  July 20 concert in Tacoma, Washington:

Nugent said, "When the British came to take our guns we met them at Concord Bridge and we blew their fucking brains out ... 2013, happening all over again, we got to be ready" before referencing his lyrics from "Stormtroopin'" -- a song about a Nazi-like attack on the United States where he urges, "keep a gun in your hand" -- at a July 20 concert in Tacoma, Washington.

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