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Cannabis Investing 101: So You Want To Take Part In The Green Rush

Ever since Colorado legalized weed in 2012 people are seeing green—asking, “Where they should invest in the cannabis industry?” And, they’re right to ask. According to Arcview Market Research legal cannabis sales in 2015 reached close to $7 billion, and are predicting that the overall industry could be worth a whopping $22 billion by 2020, and is showing no signs of slowing down. This past November’s recent election favorably indicates the public’s growing acceptance of cannabis with voters in four states (California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada) approving measures to fully legalize cannabis for adult use; while Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota adopted medical marijuana programs. Half of America live with some form of cannabis program within their state, whether it’s adult use or medical—and more than 60 million Americans can enjoy recreational weed.

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The Current Conflict In Spain Has A Lot to Do With Economic Failure

As Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy threatens to take over the autonomous region of Catalonia, it is becoming clearer even to casual observers who the bad guys are in this conflict. Generally, when one side is peaceful and seeks dialogue, and the other is committed to resolving the disagreement through force, repression, and violence — well, you get the picture.

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Socially Conscious Travelers, Beware - Overtourism Is Sorely Hurting These 5 Countries

Tourism is normally thought of as a positive industry, connecting cultures across the globe and putting dollars in the pockets of locals, especially in countries where job opportunities are otherwise lacking. But in recent years, as airline prices have fallen, cruise ships are booming and social media romanticizes a jetsetter lifestyle. Overtourism has taken a toll on many popular destinations, straining local economies, endangering ecology and wildlife, depleting the cultural uniqueness of a historic city, and expediting gentrification. You may have heard of some locations, including Cinque Terra, Amsterdam and Ibiza, making moves to cap the number of visitors to their cities.

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Spain Attacks: Canadian Grandfather Named as Latest Las Ramblas Victim

A Canadian grandfather is the latest victim of the Spain terror attacks to be named, after his daughter released a statement hailing the efforts of those who fought to save his life.

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The Running of the Bulls Is an Abhorrent, Cruel Practice That Must Stop Now

I love an adventure. I've climbed cliffs on Kauai and stripped down to my skivvies to swim in a Mexican cenote. But the challenges that I pursue are a danger only to me. Those who participate in the annual Running of the Bulls can't say the same. Most tourists who travel to Pamplona for the July event suffer from nothing more than a hangover, but the bulls they run with lose their lives.

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Why Spain Has Proven Immune to Far-Right Populism

Why far-right populism hasn't caught on in Spain

Europe’s far-right is on the rise. The trend is nationalist and anti-immigrant. Extremist parties are poised to make gains in elections across the continent, from France to Holland to Germany. But in Spain, no such movement has gained traction. And you’d think it would, given years of recession, high unemployment and an influx of foreigners. To…

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The 5 Biggest Marijuana-Consuming Countries in the Western Hemisphere

If you go by United Nation figures, Icelanders consume the most cannabis as a percentage of the national population. However, if you take a closer look at the numbers, that doesn’t mean much.

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5 Times People Ruined Animals' Lives for a Selfie

Bad ideas and selfies are like the peanut butter and jelly of our times. While trying to snap impressive self-portraits at wildly inopportune moments, some of the distracted and vain have accidentally driven off the road and plowed into a tree, walked backward off a dangerously high cliff, and been bitten by a rattlesnake who was not in the mood to be photographed. Over the last few years, almost 50 people have died in the act of taking selfies, generally while doing very dumb things like handling live grenades and dangling from skyscrapers. Some day in the distant future, people may erroneously conclude social media “likes” were redeemable for cash, so willing are people today to risk their lives for them.

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The Sneaky Way Austerity Was Sold to the Public Like Snake Oil

Orsola Costantini, senior economist at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, is the author of a new paper that exposes the disturbing history of how a budget approach cloaked in scientific and technical jargon became a tool to manipulate public opinion and serve the interests of the powerful. In the following conversation, she reveals how austerity has been sold to the public through a process that hurts the people, consolidates knowledge and power at the top and compromises democracy. As economic inequality reaches new heights and austerity programs are debated around the world (most recently, in Spain and Portugal), learn how a lie becomes a political and economic “truth." (This post originally appeared on the blog of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.)

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