Damien Gayle

Spain Attacks: Canadian Grandfather Named as Latest Las Ramblas Victim

A Canadian grandfather is the latest victim of the Spain terror attacks to be named, after his daughter released a statement hailing the efforts of those who fought to save his life.

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Supper With the Psychedelic Society--Tales of Therapy, Poetry, and Ayahuasca

Amid an abundance of food and drink, flickering candles and a heady air of altered states,100 or so people in north London’s New Unity church watched John, a mop-haired Irishman in his late 20s, tell the story of how he learned to love through therapy, poetry and ayahuasca.

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British Cannabis Petition Forces MPs to Consider Debating Legalization

A petition calling for the total legalization of cannabis in the UK has been signed by more than 125,000 people in just four days.

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4/20: 10,000 Defy British Pot Laws to Fire Up in London's Hyde Park

On a cool spring afternoon, on the edge of a crowd numbering several thousand in a London park, Derek Stratts, 27, shared bags of cannabis from a jar with his two friends.

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Brits Ban Five New Synthetic Drugs

Five legal highs, including an alternative to cocaine that is one of the most common in Britain, are to be banned from midnight on Thursday, ministers have announced.

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