Jennifer Rankin

Spain Attacks: Canadian Grandfather Named as Latest Las Ramblas Victim

A Canadian grandfather is the latest victim of the Spain terror attacks to be named, after his daughter released a statement hailing the efforts of those who fought to save his life.

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Not Lovin' It: Consumers Are Losing Their Appetite for Big Macs and Fries

It is not just the world’s biggest burger chain; it is also a global emblem of American consumer capitalism. But these days the golden arches of McDonald’s are looking a little tarnished. After a decade of relentless expansion, customers around the world don’t seem to be lovin’ it any more.

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Thomas Piketty: The Financial Times' Criticism of My Book is 'Ridiculous'

Thomas Piketty has accused the Financial Times of ridiculous and dishonest criticism of his economics book on inequality that has become a publishing sensation.

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