Jennifer O'Connor

Iditarod Sled Dogs Are Racing to Early Graves (Video)

When five dogs died in the last Iditarod, people around the world were rightfully aghast and appalled. But dogs who are forced to pull sleds—whether in well-known races or in private operations—routinely suffer and die, and these deaths don't make headlines. Their bodies are dumped into shallow graves (if anyone bothers to pay them even that small modicum of respect), and other dogs replace them on the towline.

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The Running of the Bulls Is an Abhorrent, Cruel Practice That Must Stop Now

I love an adventure. I've climbed cliffs on Kauai and stripped down to my skivvies to swim in a Mexican cenote. But the challenges that I pursue are a danger only to me. Those who participate in the annual Running of the Bulls can't say the same. Most tourists who travel to Pamplona for the July event suffer from nothing more than a hangover, but the bulls they run with lose their lives.

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Coca-Cola Sponsors Animal Cruelty and Deaths of Iditarod Sled Dogs

Running a marathon is a physically grueling feat—one most of us would never even attempt. For those who do, finishing is considered a remarkable accomplishment. So try to imagine running four marathons in a single day, and throw in biting wind, treacherous terrain and freezing temperatures. Then do it all over again for the next eight days.

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