Colbert Mocks Romney's Humiliating Dinner With Trump

"Late Show" host Stephen Colbert is back from his Thanksgiving break just in time for Mitt Romney humiliating dinner date with the President-elect in New York.

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AlterNet Comics: Brian McFadden on the GOP Establishment's Man With a Plan

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WATCH: Colbert Rips Romney's Trump Roast: After All, It Came From Trump's Worst Failed Investment

The election is in full swing and upcoming primaries include Michigan, Maine, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nebraska and Florida. Even after all those states vote, we're not even halfway through the primary process. Which makes it the perfect time to try to stop Donald Trump from snagging the nomination, right?

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Mitt Romney Denounces Trump as a 'Fraud'; Trump Immediately Fires Back

This morning, Mitt Romney became the most prominent member of the Republican establishment to go against Trump. Why this gambit seemed a good idea to party leaders is a little unclear. Perhaps the thinking was that despite his failed presidential campaign, it's guaranteed about half of GOP voters will swoon when Romney makes an appearance. Of course, as soon as Romney resurfaced to offer commentary on the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump, a 2012 supporter of Romney, scoffed at it.

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Veteran Gay Conservative Activist Leaves GOP - Calls Party 'Hopelessly Out of Touch'

Gay political activist and longtime Republican, Jimmy LaSalvia, did not merely leave the GOP last week. He loudly denounced his former party for its "culture of intolerance" and predicted it will never "win another Presidential election."

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GOP Candidates Being Schooled on How to Avoid Gaffes When Running Against Women

The Republic Party has figured out it has a gender problem. Brilliant. In their zeal to avoid another Todd Akin fiasco—they are taking a small step towards rebranding themselves so as not to come off as waging a war on women.

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One Trader Blew Up to 7 Million Dollars Betting on a Mitt Romney Presidential Victory

A new research paper on presidential trading strategies has revealed that a single trader lost between $4 million and $7 million placing a number of bets on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in the final weeks leading up to last year’s election, Wall Street Journal reported.

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How Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum Almost Joined Forces to Knock Mitt Romney Out of the GOP Primaries

Regular readers know that I think the Republican Party is doing just fine these days, thank you very much, given its current stranglehold on Congress, the Supreme Court, and the states. But when I read that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum seriously considered forming a unity ticket in order to defeat Mitt Romney in last year's GOP primaries, my first reaction was: wow, the results in that general election contest really would have justified a GOP "autopsy."

At least I hope so. The linked story, from Businessweek, says that Newt and Rick couldn't finalize the plan because they couldn't agree which one of them would top the ticket. I would have loved to see Gingrich on top, because of his endless self-regard and the sheer creativity of his carefully thought-out gaffes, which are remarkable for their ability to offend a broad range of Americans. (Poor schoolchildren should work as janitors?Women shouldn't be in combat "because they get infections"?) Before pollsters stopped polling this particular head-to-head, President Obama was leading Gingrich by 13.2 points, according to the Real Clear Politics poll aggregation.

But Obama's lead over Santorum, according to RCP, was only 7.8 points, and he was within shouting distance in a few surveys. My fear is that the mainstream press -- desperate as always to enable the GOP and perpetually in denial about the depths of its craziness -- would decide that, well, Santorum wasn't one of the crazies, like Cain or Trump, he was a serious, thoughtful guy who'd spent years in the Senate and had won his election victories in a swing state ... oh, and, yes, he does oppose not only gay marriage and abortion but alsocontraception, but really, isn't it Obama who's the radical here, with his embrace of Sandra Fluke and his insistence on forcing a contraceptive mandate down the throats of those nice Catholics?

I know, I know -- the latter didn't work for the GOP in the race we actually had (even though the mainstream media pushed the line that Obama was going too far on reproductive rights). But Santorum had that developmentally disabled daughter, whose condition he milked for all it was worth, to the delight of right-wingers, especially right-wing women (as The New York Times noted during the campaign). If he'd won the nomination under those conditions, even with Gingrich in tow as his running mate, wouldn't the members of the MSM have thoughtfully scratched their chins and said that he was clearly touching a cultural nerve, unlike that elitist Obama?

Oh, and neither Gingrich nor Santorum was an Ivy Leaguer, unlike that hoity-toity snob Obama. Who's the real American now?

I write all this and then I think: what am I talking about? It's Santorum. It's Gingrich. They're really, really unlikable. (Especially Gingrich.)

So, yeah, even though I think the press would have given Rick 'n' Newt much more credibility as candidates than they deserved, it would have been a blowout. And I hope everyone would have recognized that a party that would endorse this ticket had really serious problems.

Or perhaps it just would have been a cue for the Village to say, "None of this would have happened if Jeb Bush/Mitch Daniels/Chris Christie had run...."

The Top 10 Biggest Beneficiaries of 'Citizens United' in the 2012 Election

As the never-ending campaign ads demonstrated, the 2010 Supreme Court ruling Citizens United flooded the most recent election with additional money, making it the most profit-fueled presidential election in U.S. history.

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The Ten Most Outrageous Economic Calamities of 2012

It was another year of Wall Street treachery. Those who took down our economy still have not been held accountable. Instead, Wall Street successfully lured the political establishment into a phony fiscal cliff/austerity debate. So instead of creating programs to put millions of Americans back to work, Washington is debating how much more to take away from the poor and the middleclass. Let's take a closer look at the most disastrous economic events from 2012. 

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