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10 Amazing Things You May Not Know About Australia

When Americans think of Australia they generally imagine a vast and arid desert, inhabited by killer wildlife and famous for Crocodile Hunter, Sydney Opera House and glorious beaches. However, the land Down Under is far more progressive than many countries care to understand and in fact could actually teach the United States a thing or two about how to look after its own population. Here are some interesting facts and policies found in Australia that you probably haven’t head about.

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Another Star Athlete Gets Away with Gender-Based Violence as Pistorius Found Not Guilty of Murder

Oscar Pistorius has been found not guilty of the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in a lengthy verdict, despite the judge calling him a “very poor” and “evasive witness,” the Daily Mail reported.

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Young Woman Uses Photoshop to Fake Five-Week Vacation to Asia, Fooling Friends and Family [VIDEO]

A young woman has tricked her entire family and Facebook friends into thinking she embarked on a five-week exotic vacation, when in fact she remained at home the entire time, Yahoo Travel reportedDutch student Zilla van den Born used Photoshop to insert herself into dozens of tourist scenes and filtered images to make it look like she was on vacation in Southeast Asia.  

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Paranoia Time: A Single Doorknob Can Infect Up to 60 Percent of People in a Building in Just Two Hours

Bad news for germaphobes! A new study has found that a virus can spread through a building within two to four hours just by touching a single doorknob, Washington Post reported.

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2-Year-Old Fires Father’s Gun Injuring Himself and Others in Diner

Another tragic tale involving a gun in the hands of a child: in Middleburg, Florida, the 2-year-old son of a sheriff's deputy accidentally fired his father's gun in a Wendy’s restaurant, injuring himself and others around him, the Florida Times-Union reported.

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Hooray! Science Says It’s Possible to Retrain Brain to Want Healthy Food

Great news for those who have a sweet tooth that makes their mouth water for all the wrong foods: Scientists say it may be possible to re-educate the brain to prefer healthy, low-fat food over unhealthy high-calorie choices, IFL Science reported.

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8 Freaky Sleep Disorders You Haven’t Heard About

Most of us have experienced some form of sleep disturbance at one point or another, most commonly arising from the occasional nightmare or bout of insomnia, which is often a result of stress or anxiety. While sleep is supposed to allow our bodies to rejuvenate in preparation for the next day, a minority of unlucky people experience a number of troubling psychological or neurological sleep conditions —parasomnias—that go far beyond mere sleep disruption and can resemble a scene from a sci-fi movie.

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New Study: Undocumented Immigrants in California Contribute $130 Billion To State GDP

A new study on immigrant contributions at the University of Southern California has revealed that undocumented immigrants in California make up 10% of the workforce and contribute $130 billion to the gross domestic product, the LA Times reported

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Teens Charged With Felonies For Killing Tree By Peeling Its Bark Off

A mother from Mason City, Iowa has expressed outrage over law enforcement’s decision to charge her son and his stepbrother with a felony for allegedly stripping bark from a tree, the Global Gazette reported.

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12 Ecologically Sustainable Countries and Why They Should Be Admired

With last week's news that Earth’s resources have slipped into an "ecological deficit" for the rest of 2014, many countries around the world have come under scrutiny for taking more from nature then their own ecosystems can supply.

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