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police brutality

'If they're back you just kill them': A cop was fired for his racist comments — and he's getting a $100,000 payout

A new document released this week reveals first-hand accounts of a Portland police officer's racist remarks that led to his firing. But despite the disturbing comments documented in the newly revealed letter, he will still be getting a $100,000 settlement payout.

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Who will police the police now that Trump’s Justice department is retreating?

This article was produced in partnership with the South Bend Tribune, a member of ProPublica s Local Reporting Network. It was co-published with the New York Times.

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These Cops Are Trying to Ban Books Exposing Police Brutality at a South Carolina School

Police outside of Charleston, South Carolina, don’t believe that high school students should read about police brutality. So even though two books on the subject were assigned on a summer reading list for a high school freshman class, local police made sure to express their objectionsThe Hate U Give is a book about a teenage girl dealing with the shooting of her unarmed best friend at the hands of police. All American Boys chronicles the experience of a teenage boy who is wrongly accused of stealing and then is beaten by a police officer. Both are award-winning books that made it on to the New York Times bestseller list. Neither book is required—they are two on a list of eight and students are only asked to choose one to read.

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Footage from Body Cam Proves Cops Were Lying About Beating Citizen - But Police Still Won't Be Charged

Ephraim Casado was pulled over for littering in 2017. His lawyer says Miami-Dade authorities committed assault after Casado exited his vehicle with hands raised.

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Trump Says Cops Have a 'Right to Legally Protest' - But Kneeling Black Athletes Should Leave the Country

President Donald Trump endorsed the demands of Chicago police officers in their conflict with the city's mayor in a tweet Friday night, saying they have "have every right to legally protest" — a sentiment seeming to conflict with his push to punish black athletes in the NFL who protest silently during the national anthem.

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Black Mother Charged with Homicide After Off-Duty Cop Slams Into Her Car at 94 MPH

A Louisiana woman was arrested on homicide charges after an off-duty police officer crashed into the car she was riding in and killed her baby daughter.

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Donald Trump's Latest Judicial Nominee Has a History of Aiding Killer Cops

On Thursday, Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, with the support of four Democrats, recommended a Senate vote for Kurt Engelhardt, a district court judge in Louisiana who has been nominated by Donald Trump to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. That means Engelhardt will likely be up for confirmation very soon, despite his history of disturbing rulings on cases involving racial violence and injustice, as well as cases involving sexual harassment and workplace discrimination against women.

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6 Classic Ways Cops Spin the Media to Hide Their Abuses of Power

The linguistic gymnastics needed to report on police violence without calling up images of police violence is a thing of semantic wonder. Officers don’t shoot, they are merely “involved” in shootings; victims are not victims, but “suspects” “fleeing”; human beings become premortem cadavers as bullets “enter the torso” rather than the chest of a person; guns and bullets act on their own as they “discharge” or “enter the right femur,” rather than being fired by autonomous individuals with agency and purpose. Headlines become 14-word, jargon-heavy tangles where a simple five-word description would suffice.

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Trump-Loving Chicago Cop Under Fire for Racist Facebook Posts - and There Are Plenty More Like Him

In September, Chicago Police Officer John Catanzara made headlines after posting on Facebook a picture of himself, in uniform, holding an American flag and a homemade sign that read, “I stand for the anthem. I love the American flag. I support my president and the 2nd Amendment.”

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Police Shoot a Lot More People Than Previously Known

In major metropolitan areas around the country over the last half-decade, police have shot—and shot at—people in numbers dramatically higher than previous tallies suggest. A new Vice News investigation finds that between 2010-2016, cops in the 50 largest police departments in the country shot more than 3,630 people, nearly double some previous estimates. Of the 4,381 people cops fired upon in that period—including the 700 people they shot at and missed—two-thirds survived those shootings.

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