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Here are the 10 most seductive drugs — and their fascinating histories

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In bid to blunt black market, California eyes marijuana tax cuts

Steve D’Angelo was prescient. As the era of legal recreational marijuana sales in California began just over a year ago, the East Bay medical marijuana maven expressed concerns that taxes on the newly legal industry were too high.

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'I did inhale': Kamala Harris admits she smoked weed in college

On Monday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) sat for an interview with The Breakfast Club radio show in New York, and when the subject turned to marijuana legalization, she opened up about her feelings on the subject.

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Bugs, mold and excrement: Welcome to the Brave New World of California cannabis

On November 16, 2017, California officials released a new set of regulations for cannabis manufacturing, testing, and growing. In many respects, these updates are a significant improvement to the initial draft regulations, however, some major problems remain. 

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Here are 5 key facts about how legal weed is transforming Colorado

It’s been five years since the era of legal marijuana sales began in Colorado, and that’s been enough time to begin to be able see what sorts of impact the freeing of the weed has had on the Rocky Mountain State. From the economy and the fiscal health of the state government to law enforcement and public safety, legalizing marijuana has consequences.

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The year on drugs: Here are 8 big drug policy stories of 2018

This is a year that just about everybody is eager to see come to an end, but when it comes to drug policy, 2018 hasn’t been half-bad. We’ve seen marijuana legalization spread further, we’re on the verge of seeing Congress pass major sentencing reform legislation, and the ban on domestic hemp cultivation is coming to an end, among other things.

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Here comes hemp: Congress votes to unleash a billion-dollar industry

The Senate on Tuesday and the House on Wednesday gave final approval to the massive 2018 Farm Bill, including a provision that will end an eight-decade ban on industrial hemp, that non-psychoactive but extremely useful member of the cannabis family. President Trump is expected to sign the bill into law.

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Wow! The Mexican Supreme Court Just Issued a Major Win for Marijuana Legalization

In an earth-shaking development, Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that the country’s prohibition of marijuana use, possession and personal cultivation is unconstitutional. The decision came in a pair of cases challenging the ban on weed, and because these rulings mark the fifth time the court has ruled similarly, the opinions are now legal precedent in the country.

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There Is an ‘Elegant Way’ to End Global Marijuana Prohibition

Uruguay legalized marijuana in 2013. Canada legalized it last week. In doing so, both countries put themselves in violation of the UN anti-drug treaties that are the legal backbone of global drug prohibition.

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Two New Polls Suggest Pot Prohibition's Days Are Numbered

Two of the country's top polling organizations have released surveys this month showing support for marijuana legalization continues to increase and is now at record highs. A Gallup poll released Monday had support at 69 percent, while a Pew Research Center poll released two weeks earlier had support at 62 percent.

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One Key Congressman's Bold Plan to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition Next Year

Last week, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) unveiled a plan for a Democratically-led House to push through federal marijuana legalization by the end of 2019. In an eight-page memo to the House Democratic leadership laid out his roadmap to ending Reefer Madness.

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