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Here's how the American cult of 'shareholder capitalism' is poisoning the global economy

It’s part of the American experience to find yourself in an elevator, in an airplane terminal, or at home, looking at a screen with stock numbers whizzing by, and people yammering about how America is somewhere on the spectrum between wonderful or about to disintegrate because of a 5 percent swing in Boeing or Microsoft stock. How did we get to a national economic conversation that is dominated by chatter on the rise and fall of stocks, when it’s just a small part of economic life for most of the 300 million people who live in this country?

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The War Against Students Is Pushing Us Toward a Global Education Crisis

For Miranda Mendoza Flores, age 18.

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Labor Day: 24 Hours When Workers Are Recognized as Human

Labor Day recognizes the humanity of workers. It commemorates their year-long efforts with time off dedicated relaxation, family, friends, and barbecues.

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This Labor Day, Gear Up to Stop Trump and GOP War on Workers

Labor Day is traditionally a time to honor workers and their invaluable contributions. But this year, it’s also a time to recognize the fact that American workers are under attack from the Trump administration, Republicans in Congress, and the billionaire donor class that owns these politicians. This Labor Day is an opportunity to join together and make plans to fight back.

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Tearing Down Confederate Statues Is a Powerful Symbolic Act - But It Leaves Structural Racism Intact

When protesters tore down the “Silent Sam” Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on Aug. 20, it wasn’t just destruction of state property - a crime for which the protesters are now being investigated.

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Here's How Workers Get Scammed in the New Economy - As Corporations Get Richer and More Powerful

The stock market is effervescent. Unemployment seems inexorably descendent. On financial news shows, someone always is singing, “Happy Days are Here Again.”

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Here's the Underhanded Plan the Trump Admin. Is Considering to Slash Taxes Even More for the Wealthy

After Republicans slashed taxes for corporations and the wealthy at the end of last year while blowing up the deficit, there was little sign of the economic miracle that we were promised would occur as a result of the policy. So few if any serious voters or political observers have been clamoring for more tax cuts for the wealthy.

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An Estimated 400,000 People Are Suffering Under 'Modern Slavery' in the US

While the nation's richest and most powerful continue to enjoy the unparalleled fruits of a "New Guilded Age"—including those who have "yachts that have tiny yachts inside" them—a new report reveals that an estimated 400,000 people living in the United States live under forced servitude characterized as nothing less than "modern slavery."

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Obama Announces Support for Universal Basic Income - Here's How to Ensure It Decreases Economic Inequality

While speaking in South Africa on Tuesday in one of his first major speeches since he left the White House, former President Barack Obama endorsed the idea of introducing a universal basic income.

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