Natural Gas Is Leading West Virginia Down the Same Dark Path As Coal

This article was produced in partnership with the Charleston Gazette-Mail, which is a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.

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Here Are 13 Transformational Bills in Congress That Could Change America as We Know It

Editor's note: As of April 2018, there are three special elections for U.S. House seats and two special elections for U.S. Senate seats upcoming in 2018. Click here for a full list. Also, as of April, 68 state legislative special elections have been scheduled or held in 23 states. Click here for an updated list.

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Energy Independence Requires Steel Independence

Shale oil and gas, now fracked from deep underground in two dozen states, is celebrated for delivering energy independence to the United States. But that goal can’t truly be achieved if America depends on China, Korea, even Brazil for the steel vital to drilling.

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There's a Looming 'Existential Threat' to New Orleans That Should Frighten Every Sane American

With the New Orleans city council set to vote Thursday on the future of Entergy's new fracked gas power plant—a $210 million gas-fired peaking power plant in New Orleans East—filmmaker/activist Josh Fox is calling on concerned citizens to stand up and join what he called in a recent email a "crucial fight for environmental justice." He described the proposed plant, which would expose residents to many of the same health risks as living next to fracking wells, as "an existential threat" to New Orleans.

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California Shows How to Fight Climate Change and Help Underserved Communities

Something amazing is happening in California. The Golden State has taken bold steps to act on climate change, including regulations to cut carbon consumption and charging polluters for the carbon that they emit. The money from polluters is placed into a fund called the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), where it goes to work promoting the clean energy economy in communities across the state.

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Fossil Fuel Advocates Claim Subsidies Help the Poor, but That's Simply Not True

The following excerpt is from We Do Things Differently by Mark Stevenson. Copyright 2017 by Mark Stevenson. Published in 2018 by The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Agriculture and Autonomy in the Middle East

In Rojava, a region in Syria also known as North Kurdistan, a groundbreaking experiment in communal living, social justice, and ecological vitality is taking place. Devastated by civil war, Syria is a place where a cessation of hostilities often seems like the most that can be hoped for. But Rojava has set its sights much higher. What started as a movement for political autonomy in the city of Kobane has blossomed into an attempt to build a radical pluralist democracy on the principles of communal solidarity — with food security, equality for women, and a localized, anti-capitalist economy at its core.

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7 Foods That Drain Your Energy

It’s normal for your energy levels to rise and fall slightly during the day.

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How a Solar Microgrid Is Helping an Indigenous California Tribe Achieve Community Resiliency

With this year’s major storms cutting power for millions of Americans for days—and in the case of Puerto Rico, months on end—the question of how we make our electrical grid and our communities more resilient is on a lot of people’s minds. But for people who live in remote communities where electricity has always been unreliable, or even nonexistent, resiliency is a way of life. And the solutions they are developing might just hold the key for the rest of us.

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Will the 21st Century Bring Brighter Times or a New Dark Age?

If you own a smartphone, you have more computing power at your fingertips than NASA scientists had when they put people on the moon in 1969. And it's in a small device, unlike the massive hardware the space agency used.

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5 Million Gallons of Freshwater Used to Frack a Single Gas Well

A lot has been said about the toxic slurry of fracking fluids and its impact on water quality, but what about the millions of gallons of water that's sucked up by the drilling process and its impact on water quantity?

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