Dr. David Suzuki

Will the 21st Century Bring Brighter Times or a New Dark Age?

If you own a smartphone, you have more computing power at your fingertips than NASA scientists had when they put people on the moon in 1969. And it's in a small device, unlike the massive hardware the space agency used.

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15,000 Scientists Issue Urgent Warning: Humanity Is Failing to Safeguard the Planet

A year ago, we revisited the 1992 “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity." Signed by a majority of Nobel laureates in sciences at the time and more than 1,700 leading scientists worldwide, the document warned, “Human beings and the natural world are on a collision course.”

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200 Years Ago, an Environmental and Fuel Crisis Inspired One of the Greatest Inventions

Two-hundred years ago last June, an environmental and fuel crisis inspired one of our greatest inventions—a device so simple, efficient and useful it’s turning out to be part of the solution to today’s environmental and fuel crises.

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As the Trump Administration Continues to Threaten the Planet, This Is No Time to Be Complacent

Before he died on November 7, 2016, the great poet Leonard Cohen offered a prophetic warning in his final album’s title song: “You want it darker / We kill the flame.” As we near the northern hemisphere’s longest night of the year, it seems like a monumental challenge to keep the flickering flame from being extinguished.

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Renewable Energy Isn't Perfect, But It's Far Better Than Fossil Fuels

In their efforts to discredit renewable energy and support continued fossil fuel burning, many anti-environmentalists have circulated a dual image purporting to compare a lithium mine with an oil sands operation. It illustrates the level of dishonesty to which some will stoop to keep us on our current polluting, climate-disrupting path (although in some cases it could be ignorance).

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Oil and Plastic Are Choking Planet Earth: We Have to Stop Pretending This Isn't a Problem

People who deny that humans are wreaking havoc on the planet's life-support systems astound me. When confronted with the obvious damage we're doing to the biosphere, from climate change to water and air pollution to swirling plastic patches in the oceans, some dismiss the reality or employ logical fallacies to discredit the messengers.

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One Major Lesson From the Disastrous Floods Around the World: We've Been Building Cities All Wrong

When the Aztecs founded Tenochtitlán in 1325, they built it on a large island on Lake Texcoco. Its eventual 200,000-plus inhabitants relied on canals, levees, dikes, floating gardens, aqueducts and bridges for defense, transportation, flood control, drinking water and food. After the Spaniards conquered the city in 1521, they drained the lake and built Mexico City over it.

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We Would Need 1.7 Earths to Sustain Humanity's Current Rate of Resource Consumption

August 2 was Earth Overshoot Day. Unlike Earth Day, it’s not a time to celebrate. As the Earth Overshoot Day website explains, it marks the time when "we will have used more from nature than our planet can renew in the whole year." That's the definition of "unsustainable" and it means we're using up the biological capital that should be our children's legacy. We would require 1.7 Earths to meet our current annual demands sustainably.

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Are Industrial Agriculture and Genetic Modification the Answer to Feeding Humanity?

The following excerpt is from Just Cool It! A Post-Paris Agreement Game Plan, by David Suzuki and Ian Hanington (Greystone Books, 2017)

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In the Face of Climate Crisis, Trump Has Become an International Pariah: Sad!

In withdrawing from the Paris Agreement, U.S. President Donald Trump demonstrated monumental ignorance about climate change and the agreement itself. As Vox energy and climate writer David Roberts noted about Trump’s announcement, “It is a remarkable address, in its own way, in that virtually every passage contains something false or misleading.”

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