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Are the Paris 'yellow vest' protesters enemies - or future comrades?

The fiery street protests challenging French President Emmanuel Macron over his proposed higher taxes on gasoline and the young climate activists of the Sunrise Movement who sat in at prospective House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office might seem like antagonists – one resisting, the other seeking, faster and more ambitious movement away from fossil fuels. I’m not so sure about that, though. Some deep currents connect the two movements, currents that raise a fundamental challenge for the climate movement – how to shed the issue’s historic framing as a question of austerity and sacrifice.

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The rise of populist nationalist leaders is a turning point for global climate talks

The election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil not only marks the rise of another populist nationalist leader on the world stage. It’s also a turning point for the global politics of climate change.

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Why Family Planning Makes a Climate-Sustainable Future More Likely

In October, not just one but two high-level reports on climate change warned that the world’s nations are falling short of what’s needed to keep the Earth from overheating dangerously — to the point that it’s time to literally pull carbon dioxide out of the air on a massive scale. Neither report, however, mentioned an opportunity that could help both to constrain emissions and to scrub out some of that carbon: removing barriers to the voluntary use of family planning.

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Big Banks Just Flunked Their Own Test on Climate, Indigenous Rights

On October 16, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Crédit Agricole and 91 other global banks met in Washington, DC, to revise the Equator Principles, industry-led due diligence standards meant to prevent banks from supporting environmentally and socially harmful projects.

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Our Worsening Natural Disasters Aren't Just Tragedies - They're Signs of What's Coming

Call it “The Great Stall.” Hurricane Florence lingered over the Carolinas for four days, dumping some 30 inches of rain. Flood waters are still rising, even as Typhoon Mangkhut, a superstorm 500 miles across, rakes the Philippines, Hong Kong and crashes into China. Florence is just the latest in a long series of catastrophic events generated by stalled weather patterns -- slow-moving systems which occur when one of the jet streams that flow around the Earth pinches off a massive section of air from normal wind flows for an prolonged period of time. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has compiled a long list of severe weather events in the US, and most of them are linked, in one way or another, to stalled weather systems.

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Trump Is Threatening the Future of Our Children and Planet Through Family Planning Position

Evidence has shown that the Trump administration wants women, in the United States and worldwide, to have more children. His administration has reversed policies for reporting the state of human rights abroad, burying reporting critical of other countries for denying women reproductive rights. It has doubled child tax credits (a move that prominent Republican leaders admitted was meant to increase fertility), defunded teen pregnancy programs, promoted pro-natal abstinence programs and severely limited family planning abroad.

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Senate Approval of Mike Pompeo's Secretary of State Nomination Would Spell Disaster for Planet Earth

It is hard to think of a worse candidate than Mike Pompeo to lead the State Department. As leaders of national organizations working toward a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world, we are not trying to sound hyperbolic in asserting that Pompeo is a threat to people everywhere and to the survival of the planet. His performance at last week's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing only confirmed how dangerous he really is.

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ExxonMobil Is Being Sued for Climate Damages by American Inland Communities for the First Time

Two Colorado counties and the city of Boulder are suing ExxonMobil and Suncor Energy, Canada's largest oil company, to hold them responsible for climate change-related damage to their communities.

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Scientists Harvest First Vegetables Grown Without Earth or Sunlight

Cucumbers, radishes and lettuce are just some of the green delights that have been thriving in the experimental EDEN-ISS greenhouse in Antarctica. The project follows in the footsteps of successful US operations cultivating crops in the harsh climate.

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This New Study Is Further Proof That Going Vegan Is the Best Thing You Can Do for the Planet (Video)

A groundbreaking study by Tulane University and the University of Michigan published in Environmental Research Letters found that meat, dairy and egg consumption is responsible for nearly 84 percent of food-related greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

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EPA's Rollback of Fuel Economy Standards Could Slam Brakes on Nation's Most Successful Climate Initiative

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) recent decision to roll back fuel economy standards for new cars and light trucks could slam the brakes on our nation’s most successful climate initiative to date.

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