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Scientists Harvest First Vegetables Grown Without Earth or Sunlight

Cucumbers, radishes and lettuce are just some of the green delights that have been thriving in the experimental EDEN-ISS greenhouse in Antarctica. The project follows in the footsteps of successful US operations cultivating crops in the harsh climate.

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Our Plastic Trash Is Killing Whales and Sharks

Our demand for plastic has devastating consequences for oceans and marine wildlife, and scientists have been revealing the role microplastics play in this.

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Climate Change Is Making Polar Bears Go Hungry

Imagine you have to walk through ice and snow all day for most of the year. You'd work up quite an appetite—and get hungrier the more distance you'd cover.

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Top 5 Recycling Innovations From Around the World

From making paper out of elephant dung to building homes with used cardboard, eco@africa has featured a range of inventive recycling ideas. Here are our top five innovations doing their bit for the environment.

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How Obama Is Neutralizing the Left and Tilting Rightward

Political news travels slowly, and in my casual observation progressive Europeans have held on to the myth of Barack Obama as a good man much longer than most progressive Americans did. How could a young black American from Chicago and Harvard be otherwise?

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