Trump Bullying Will Hurt Millions of Iranians

Treating the welfare of the Iranians people like a TV show, Donald Trump used a meme from Game of Thrones—an arrogant, stylized photo of himself with the tagline: “Sanctions Are Coming November 5”—to announce the new round of crippling sanctions targeting Iran’s oil exports, banks and shipping.

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Melania Appears to Slam Trump in Her Latest Speech About Cyberbullying

First Lady Melania Trump delivered a speech Monday morning at the Cyberbullying Prevention Summit in Rockville, Maryland, ironically telling participants how children are more aware of the pitfalls of social media than some adults.

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Workplace Bullying Affects Nearly Half of U.S. Workers

Many are hoping that 2017 represented a turning point in the fight against workplace harassment, as the #MeToo moment put a spotlight on sexual misconduct. Now some labor advocates are hoping that the momentum of #MeToo helps to fuel an additional campaign against a different and overlapping type of harassment: workplace bullying.

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6 Things Trump Actually Deserves Credit For

Donald Trump is not telekinetic. His brain may be a medical marvel, but for terrible reasons, not because he can move objects with his mind. Nonetheless, Trump recently took credit for keeping airplanes all around the world from crashing in 2017.

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Relationships With 'Know-It-Alls' May Not Be Good for Your Mental Health

A: "Hey, can we stop arguing for a minute, step back, and reconsider our positions? After all, I could be wrong, and I’d want to be able to admit it. I’m sure the same is true for you, right?”

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Police Charge Mother with Felony for Placing Recorder in Daughter's Backpack to Gather Evidence of Bullying

A Virginia mother who placed a recording device in her 9-year-old daughter’s backpack to help prove to school officials that she was being bullied has been charged by police with a felony.

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If You’ve Said This Recently to Your Daughter, You May Be Perpetuating a Cycle of Violence Against Women

Sexual assault has arguably become the hot-button issue of the fall. Harvey Weinstein's fall and the #MeToo social media movement have awakened many Americans to the reality that almost every woman has encountered sexual harassment or assault at some point in her lifetime. Now many parents are asking how they can protect their daughters from becoming victims and their sons from being perpetrators. Sexual harassment and assault are highly pervasive among children. According to a 2011 study, 56 percent of girls reported having experienced sexual assault while in school. One piece of advice some parenting experts are giving is: stop telling adolescent girls that boys are mean to them “because they like you.” It’s an outdated response that normalizes male aggression against women at a dangerously young age.

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GOP Strategist: Trump’s Bullying Shows He Is ‘A Weak Person’s Idea of a Strong Person’

Republican strategist and ABC political commentator Matthew Dowd blasted President Donald Trump on Sunday, calling him a “weak person’s idea of a strong person.”

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Fourth-Grader Makes Heartbreaking Video About Racist Classmates Calling Her 'Nutella' and 'Servant'

A 9-year-old girl in Bellevue, Washington posted a heartbreaking video on Facebook in which she described how in the fourth grade, she has found out what it’s like to be the victim of racist bullying.

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Bully Bingo: 52 Signs Someone Will Say Anything to Win an Argument

Read this list like one of those psychological diagnostic tests. If more than some number of symptoms are present, the diagnosis fits.

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Watch Donald Trump Bully Staff, Offer Cash Bribes and Brag About Destroying Homes

He bullies his staff, destroys homes to benefit his golf course, and bribes colleagues with cash on camera. In a better reality, this would just be conversation at a bar about a terrible former boss, but instead, as revealed in footage in an exclusive embed from Buzzfeed, it's the incoming leader of the free world, President-Elect Donald Trump.

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