Suffering from COVID-19 science overload? This university team wades through the deluge so you don't have to

SEATTLE — Remember early spring, when it felt like we were all plunged into a crash course in epidemiology, heads spinning with terms like “R-naught,” “flatten the curve” and “herd immunity?” Every new nugget of data and scientific insight about the novel coronavirus was headline news, ricocheting from Twitter to technical journals to talking heads.The wall-to-wall coverage has eased since then, but the pace of discovery hasn’t. Every day, hundreds of new research papers are published or posted about the virus and pandemic, ranging from case studies of single patients to randomized, controlled...

Omarosa Releases New Recording of Trump Team Joking and Laughing While Talking About American Soldiers Killed in Niger Ambush

Omarosa Manigault Newman, former White House aide and reality TV star, released a new recording of her time working for President Donald Trump Monday that reveals him joking to a group of staffers in a discussion about an ambush in Niger that killed four American soldiers.

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The US Military Is Grinding Away on Its 'Infinity War' - And the Results Are Absolutely Horrifying

Raids by U.S. commandos in Afghanistan. (I could be talking about 2001 or 2018.)

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Israel's Thirst for Arms Has Caused The Displacement of Tens of Thousands of Refugees

On Tuesday, April 3, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reneged on a deal with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The day before, Netanyahu had announced a deal with UNHCR that would determine the fate of 42,000 Africans—mostly from Eritrea and South Sudan—who live in Israel. The UN Agency would relocate 16,250 of the African residents to Western states, such as Canada, Germany, and Italy. In exchange, Israel would give temporary legal status to an equal number of Africans. A day later, however, Netanyahu said that the agreement was dead.

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World's Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies

The world's last male northern white rhino has died, leaving only two females left to save the subspecies from extinction, the wildlife conservancy taking care of him announced Tuesday.

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Cape Town Is Set to Become the World's First Major City to Run Out of Water (Video)

How will humanity respond to future crises caused by climate change? Some scenarios envision us rising to the occasion, tackling adaptation head-on and weathering the literal and metaphoric storms. Those with less faith in our fellow humans predict more pessimistic outcomes.

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Climate Change and Conflict Leave 224 Million Undernourished in Africa (Video)

An official with the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warns that climate change and conflict are leading to food insecurity for millions of people living in Africa.

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Meet Zimbabwe's All-Female Anti-Poaching Squad

A new all-women squad is fighting poaching in Zimbabwe as part of an ambitious programme called Akashinga, which translates as 'Brave Ones.'

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These Infographics Lay Bare the Massive Scale of the Poaching Crisis

Poaching is roundly reviled across the globe. Even legally sanctioned hunting of species has prompted an international outcry in recent years. Few understand the true scale of the problem, which persists despite escalating enforcement efforts.

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Pentagon Watchdog Calls Out Two Commands for Financial Corruption

2017 was a year of investigations for U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).  There was the investigation of the two-star commander of U.S. Army Africa who allegedly sent racy texts to an enlisted man’s wife.  There was the investigation into the alleged killing of a Special Forces soldier by Navy SEALs in Mali. There was the inquiry into reports of torture and killings on a remote base in Cameroon that was also used by American forces.  There was the investigation of an alleged massacre of civilians by American special operators in Somalia.  And don’t forget the inquiry into the killing of four Special Forces soldiers by Islamic State militants in Niger.

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