Robin Scher

Here are all the ways plastic is harming your health

How often are we told something is bad for us, yet we continue to keep it in our lives? Sure, a little bit every now and then won’t kill you, but it’s tough to say what is a little and what is a lot. The trouble for most of us comes down to convenience. It’s just easier to live our normal lives, not overthinking consumption habits—until the consequences are impossible to ignore. Take plastic.

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Veganism Is Being Redefined in Black Communities

Food is a key part of any culture. Take the USA: Could there be a more potent symbol of all things Americana than BBQ? For many, to go against this national pastime amounts to a form of treason. Which is why it should cause little surprise to learn that a new culture has begun to take root among African Americans: veganism.

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Cape Town Is Set to Become the World's First Major City to Run Out of Water (Video)

How will humanity respond to future crises caused by climate change? Some scenarios envision us rising to the occasion, tackling adaptation head-on and weathering the literal and metaphoric storms. Those with less faith in our fellow humans predict more pessimistic outcomes.

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New Online Calculator Lets You See the Impact of Your Meat Intake - on Animals, the Climate and Your Health

One of my resolutions this year is to eat less meat. As a lifelong carnivore, this task has already proven to be easier said than done. The major challenge comes down to changing my habits. After years of enjoying bacon with my eggs for breakfast, I now associate its comforting greasy taste with the feeling of fullness. So how do I—and others like me—overcome this obstacle? One big challenge is finding a way to stay motivated.

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Yes, You Can Die From Eating Red Meat: Here Are 4 Tips to Reduce Your Intake

The human species needs to eat less meat. Why? Take your pick of reasons, from the detrimental impact global meat consumption has on the climate, to the ethics of the mass farming of sentient animals. Or, here’s one that might sink in for the more selfish carnivores among us: not dying of a chronic illness.

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What's Inside Your Coffee Is Likely a Bit Grosser Than You Want to Know

Every coffee drinker has their own preference. For the purists, it's straight up "black, hold the sugar," while the lactose-inclined tend to enjoy a bit of milk with their morning brew. Then there are the ingredients none of us have a say in selecting. For starters, how about insects?

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Don't Burn Your Body When You're Dead: Dissolving Yourself Is Much More Eco-Friendly

There are many ways to embark on the journey to the great beyond. One popular custom is the coffin burial. Or rather it was, until cemeteries began running out of ground space. And conventional burials that use toxic embalming fluids are simply terrible for the environment.

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NASA Just Took Away a Major Argument Used by Climate Change Deniers

Many climate change deniers debate whether humanity has played a significant role in changing environmental conditions. In the past, it has been difficult to parse out mankind's contribution to carbon emissions from changes caused by the Earth’s own natural climate system. Now, thanks to new research provided by a NASA satellite, we may have found the definitive answer to that question.

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Like Game of Thrones? You'll Love Game of Floods

An underlying tension running throughout HBO's epic fantasy series "Game of Thrones" has to do with what will happen once winter has come. Game of Floods poses a similar threat (albeit without the gorgeous cast). But you don't really need the Dragon Queen or Jon Snow to make prepping for climate disaster fun, do you? That's what officials in Marin County, California, are banking on.

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