Meet Zimbabwe's All-Female Anti-Poaching Squad

A new all-women squad is fighting poaching in Zimbabwe as part of an ambitious programme called Akashinga, which translates as 'Brave Ones.'

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In Aftermath of Trump’s Win, We Are Witnessing More Than 1,000 Hate Crimes in a Month

Over 1,000 hate crimes have been reported since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election, the rate dropping since the days after election day but over a third of them still making reference to Trump.

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Diddy's Puzzling Politics: From 'Vote or Die!' to Sit It Out

In what constitutes a 180-degree turnaround, the hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs Sunday urged blacks to “hold (their) vote” in November's presidential election, a decade after headlining a voter-registration campaign entitled “Vote or Die!”

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Mexicans Rolled Out the Unwelcoming Carpet to Trump Before His Visit

Under the hashtags “you are not welcome here” and “Trump with all respect” Mexicans have been excoriating the Republican nominee for U.S. president with remarks both humorous and hateful, in anticipation of the billionaire developer's visit Wednesday in Mexico City with President Enrique Peña Nieto.

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China Encourages Civilians to Film Police After Just One Killing By Law Enforcement This Year

In a surreal twist on efforts by U.S. law-enforcement to evade filming, high-ranking Chinese government officials rolled out new protocols Monday not only confirming citizens right to videotape police making arrests, but encouraging it as a safeguard against police abuse.

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Beyonce Steals Show at VMAs, Honors Women, Black Lives Matter

Pop sensation Beyonce stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards with a repertoire from her latest album “Lemonade," in a ceremony that was otherwise panned on social media for seeming to lack direction.

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Footballer Dalian Atkinson Dead After UK Police Taser Him

Former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson was tasered by police and died shortly after Monday night, news outlets reported. Officers responded to an alert about the “safety of an individual” near the footballer’s father’s home in Shropshire, UK. His father said his son appeared quite agitated right before the incident.

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US Police Release Video of Black Man They Shot 16 Times

Police in the U.S. state of Kentucky have released a bodycam video that shows officers firing 16 shots at a Black U.S. Army veteran.

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With Trump Polling at 2% with Black Voters, RNC Hires Four Staff Member to Court African-American Community

The U.S. Republican National Committee has hired four new staffers to spearhead the party’s outreach to Black voters, officials announced Wednesday, as presidential hopeful Donald Trump grapples with courting votes from country's most historically liberal bloc.

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Slum Evictions Show Harsh Reality of Rio Olympics Inequality

On the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic park, far from the spotlight shone on the gleaming, commercial athletic spectacle, a group of residents that resisted a community-wide eviction order is struggling to rebuild their lives.

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