Voting Booth

Trump Team turns to disinformation as the GOP keeps losing in court

Democrats and voting rights advocates keep winning swing state lawsuits extending the deadlines when absentee ballots that are postmarked by Election Day can arrive by mail and be counted. But as Republicans appeal those extensions, President Trump and his family are ramping up disinformation about absentee ballots and counting votes after Election Day.

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Did unruly Trumpers break the law at a Virginia polling place?

The photo showed six mask-less Trump supporters waving Trump-Pence signs outside the entrance to Fairfax County Government Center on September 19, Virginia’s second day of early voting. The accompanying New York Times’ report describing their loud electioneering in the populous blue county outside Washington inflamed passions and went viral.

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Why younger voters are the most likely to have their absentee ballots rejected

As half or more of the 2020 presidential election’s votes will be cast on mailed-out ballots, a new study on why absentee ballots were rejected in three urban California counties in 2018 reveals why young voters’ ballots were rejected at triple the rate of all voters.

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