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Looming condom shortage shows importance of more and better options

People have more time for sex these days but fewer options when it comes to protecting themselves against unwanted pregnancy. Women may not be able to get pill renewals, leaving some couples to fall back on condoms, which have a higher pregnancy rate. (One in six couples relying on condoms will get pregnant each year.) Now the United Nations warns that condoms, too, may become hard to get.

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Captive virgins, polygamy, sex slaves: What marriage would look like if we actually followed the Bible

If they did, they would know that the biblical model of sex and marriage has little to do with the one they so loudly defend. Sex in the Bible includes rape, incest, master-slave sexual relations, captive virgins, and more. Of course, just because a story is told in the Bible doesn’t mean it is intended as a model for moral behavior. Does God forbid or command the behavior? Is it punished or rewarded?  In the New Testament stories, does Jesus change the rules or leave them alone?  By these criteria, the Bible not only describes many forms of sexual relationships (including sexually coercive relationships), it gives them the divine thumbs up.

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Here are 5 historical truths that suggest Jesus never existed

Most antiquities scholars think that the New Testament gospels are “mythologized history.”  In other words, based on the evidence available they think that around the start of the first century a controversial Jewish rabbi named Yeshua ben Yosef gathered a following and his life and teachings provided the seed that grew into Christianity. At the same time, these scholars acknowledge that many Bible stories like the virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, and women at the tomb borrow and rework mythic themes that were common in the Ancient Near East, much the way that screenwriters base new movies on old familiar tropes or plot elements. In this view, a “historical Jesus” became mythologized.

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Here are 8 simple ways right-wing evangelicals are driving Americans to atheism

If the Catholic Bishops, their Evangelical Protestant allies, and other Right-wing fundamentalists had the sole objective of decimating religious belief, they couldn’t be doing a better job of it.

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Easter bunnies are more deliciously wicked than you might think

For most of Christian history, those furry little creatures were associated with queer sex, not chocolate.

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What if Jesus never existed?

With Easter coming, some people are debating whether the resurrection of Jesus really happened. Others are debating whether Jesus was even real.

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How “Case for Christ” author Lee Strobel fabricated his best-selling story

Many Evangelicals think of Lee Strobel as the man who can cure your doubts about their religion. His 1998 book, The Case for Christ, has sold millions of copies, was made into a 2017 movie by the same name, and was recently re-issued in a “new and updated” edition.

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