Where Marijuana is Legal, Opioid Prescriptions Fall, Studies Find

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, doctors may be replacing opioid prescriptions with suggestions to visit a local marijuana dispensary. Two papers published Monday in JAMA ...

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Kentucky Could Become the First State to Tax Opioid Prescriptions

Kentucky could become the first state to tax opioid prescriptions

Lawmakers in Kentucky are weighing whether to impose a new tax on opioid prescriptions, the latest effort in a string of so-far failed attempts to pull new revenue from the painkillers that helped seed a nationwide addiction crisis.

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Benzodiazepines: Our Other Drug Epidemic

Benzodiazepines: our other prescription drug epidemic

I got the call every addiction doctor dreads: A patient of mine nearly overdosed. ... and progressing to heroin by his early 20s. He had been in recovery for six months. "Was it heroin?" I asked the doctor, who was calling from the emergency department. "Not opioids," said the doctor. "Benzos ...{C}

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Most People Who Got a Flu Shot This Year Aren't Protected From the Most Common Strain

Three-quarters of people who got a flu shot this year were not protected against H3N2 flu, the viruses that have caused the lion's share of disease in what has been one of the most difficult flu seasons in years in the United States, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While…

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For Chinese Fentanyl Sellers, the U.S. Mail is the "Virtually Guaranteed" Route to Not Get Caught

For Chinese fentanyl sellers, USPS is the "virtually guaranteed" route to not get caught

WASHINGTON - Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of fentanyl - and likely more - is pouring into the United States through international mail - and the federal government isn't equipped to track ...

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How Healthy Is Your State? The Disparities Are Stark

Massachusetts is the healthiest state to live this year, according to a new report from the United Health Foundation. The report ranks states on 35 factors that impact health, from vaccination levels and infant mortality rates to environmental pollution and poverty levels. The analysis also pinpoints public health challenges nationwide. One particularly troubling trend: The rate…

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The Drug Treatment Racket: Union Workers Feel Trapped as Their Benefits Are Drained

Targeted by an addiction treatment center, union workers feel trapped as their benefits are drained

They'd been promised a "spa for teachers," but were brought to a rundown, low-slung building on an unremarkable stretch of road miles from the beach. ... cards, and driver's licenses. One after another, New Jersey public school teachers arrived at the Recovery Institute of South Florida after asking their union to find them addiction or mental health ...

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Trump Opioid Panel Will Recommend Nationwide Drug Courts, Tightened Prescribing Rules

Trump opioid panel will recommend nationwide drug courts, tightened requirements for prescribers

WASHINGTON - President Trump's commission on combating the opioid epidemic plans to encourage the federal government to establish drug courts in every federal judicial district, adjust reimbursement ...

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