Rebecca Robbins

A Supplement Maker Tried to Silence This Harvard Doctor - and Put Academic Freedom on Trial

The dietary supplements had ominous names, like Black Widow and Yellow Scorpion. They contained an illegal and potentially dangerous molecule, similar in structure to amphetamines. But when a Harvard researcher dared to point that out, in a scientific, peer-reviewed study and in media interviews, the supplement maker sued him for libel and slander. STAT has conducted…

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We Break Down Macklemore's New Song About Opioids, Line By Line

We break down Macklemore's new song about opioids, line by line

In the latest sign of how the opioid crisis is permeating popular culture, the rapper Macklemore this week put out a remarkable new song about prescription painkillers and other addictive drugs. Titled "Drug Dealer," the song parcels out blame for an opioid crisis that kills 78 Americans a day, up fourfold since 1999. It forcefully calls…

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