Kate Sheridan

Where Marijuana is Legal, Opioid Prescriptions Fall, Studies Find

As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana, doctors may be replacing opioid prescriptions with suggestions to visit a local marijuana dispensary. Two papers published Monday in JAMA ...

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A Sick 12-Year-Old Is Suing Jeff Sessions Over Medical Marijuana

A 12-year-old suing the federal government may have a whiff of adorableness. But for Alexis Bortell, who filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Jeff Sessions last fall, it's a choice she had to make to save her life. Bortell has epilepsy and Sessions has made it his mission to make it impossible for her to access…

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What Kind of Damage Is Trump's Diet Coke Habit Doing to His Health?

What Are Those 12 Cokes Doing To Donald Trump's Health?

President Donald Trump loves Diet Coke. He loves the fizzy beverage so much that he allegedly has a button to summon another in the Oval Office. And his particular affection for Diet Coke was restated again in a New York Times feature on Saturday, which stated he drank up to 12 per day. No size was…

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