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Senator Joe Manchin: Time for a New ‘War on Drugs' to Tackle Opioids

Senator Joe Manchin: Time for a new ‘war on drugs' to tackle opioids

Senator Joe Manchin stepped onto the Senate floor last week to read a letter sent to him by Leigh Ann Wilson, a home caregiver whose 21-year-old daughter, Taylor, died from an opioid overdose last fall. "Please work quickly to prevent thousands of other Taylors from the same fate," Manchin read. That was just the latest of…

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Taylor Wilson's Parents Fought for 41 Days to Get Their Daughter Treatment, But They Couldn't Stop Another Overdose

Taylor Wilson's parents fought for 41 days to get their daughter treatment. They couldn't stop another overdose

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Hospitals Are Training ER Docs to Resist Prescribing Opioids

Learning to say no: Hospitals train emergency doctors to resist prescribing opioids

Dr. Phillip Chang's emergency room epiphany started with a wreck. A patient admitted to the trauma unit of the University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital was prescribed opioid painkillers for injuries he sustained in a nasty car crash. Within days, the patient returned for more pills, the first of many trips to multiple doctors."This guy…

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