Isaiah J. Poole

A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country

“I’d like to think of myself as ordinary,” says Ross Grooters as he describes his life in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, an eastern suburb of Des Moines. But then he corrects himself. “Most people’s passions or enjoyment are not going out and doing activist things, so that’s where I’m not an ordinary Joe.”

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9 Reasons to Stop the GOP’s Giant Tax Gift to the Wealthy

Americans for Tax Fairness has just published “Nine Terrible Things About the Republican Tax Plan.” All are good reasons for you should get on the phone with your member of Congress and tell them to vote against this travesty of a tax bill.

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Fighting Racism Where White Workers Are Hurting, Too

Since 2011, Maine’s bombastic Republican governor Paul LePage has given America a taste of what it might be like to live under a Donald Trump presidency.

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It Doesn't Have to Be 'Us' vs. 'Them'

It’s increasingly easy to believe that our country is irreconcilably divided. But that’s not quite the America that Michael Morrill saw from his perch in Reading, Pennsylvania the weekend before the Republican convention in Cleveland.

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People’s Summit Attendees Leave Determined To Keep 'The Bern' Alive

After an intense weekend of speeches and discussion about the future of the progressive “political revolution” sparked by the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, the People’s Summit ended Sunday with a charge to continue to keep “the Bern” blazing through a myriad electoral and justice campaigns.

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This Is Your Victory: Fast Track for a Bad Trade Deal Is Derailed

You did it. Despite furious lobbying by the Fortune 500, entreaties from the Republican leadership in Congress and personal, last-minute appeals from President Obama, fast-track trade authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been thrown off-track.

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Reclaiming Populism: Progressive Movement Is Alive and Well in the 21st Century

Eugene Lim was on his way to hitting rock bottom. After graduating from Chicago’s Shimer College in 2011, he’d spent two years trying to find a permanent job. And he was increasingly blaming himself for his plight.

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4 Ways the Next Fight Over Spending in Washington Could Seriously Affect Your Life

We’ve heard many conservative elected leaders adopt a new tone when they talk about income inequality, but this week House Republicans will double down on the same-old-same-old when they release their proposed federal budget, which will continue their push to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us.

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Polls Show Americans Skew To The Left of Hillary Clinton's "Vital Center" Agenda

Hillary Clinton invoked what she called the “vital center” in a speech before the New York Historical Society this past weekend as the place where most Americans want their politicians to be.

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7 Corporations That Pay Their CEOs More Than They Pay in Taxes

This week leaders in Congress are trying to decide what action to take on a set of “tax extenders” – a hodge-podge of tax breaks that range from the arguably meritorious to the patently absurd that could cost the government as much as $590 billion if Congress adopted a package favored by House Republicans.

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