Matt Robison

Why Democrats need more than 270 Electoral College votes to avert a crisis

In the post-Labor Day sprint to the election, predictions of each side’s chances will be built on an assumption that’s so reasonable and so commonplace that no one gives it a second thought: that “victory” means achieving 270 Electoral College votes.

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Here's why audio of Trump saying he knew COVID-19 was a killer is much worse for him than calling fallen troops 'suckers'

Last week’s revelation that Donald Trump – a man who invented a medical condition to escape military service – had called Americans who died for our country “losers” and “suckers” seemed like a flaming political disaster. Now comes a series of recordings that confirm that Trump knew how deadly and contagious Covid was but intentionally downplayed the danger while opposing steps that would have helped bring the virus under control. Twice in one week, Democrats have held their breath and once again thought that, maybe, just maybe, this time Donald Trump had finally crossed a fatal line.

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The developing eviction crisis is a stealthy form of voter suppression

In the past week, Democrats’ fears about the Trump administration’s open assault on the United States Postal Service (USPS) have gone from a simmer to a boil, prompting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to rush the House back to Washington to vote on an emergency intervention.

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Here's how a Biden presidency could erect new guardrails and prevent the next Trump

Last week, Joshua Holland highlighted an under-appreciated facet of Joe Biden’s candidacy: his unique opportunity to “fascist-proof” the presidency and prevent a repeat of our long, national Trump nightmare. Given Biden’s rare openness to being a transitional, one-term president--and against the backdrop of his experience as a Senate lifer--Biden may have the rare motivation and self-discipline to do America an historic service by reversing decades of incremental power-grabs by an increasingly “imperial” executive branch, thereby restoring the checks that our framers intended us to have on an out-of-control president.

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The push to reopen schools is sheer madness — here are 4 key steps to doing it right

In the indelible 1983 cold war movie The Day After, the federal government convenes a group of farmers after a nuclear war to instruct them on how to start growing crops again. A hapless government official suggests that they simply “take off the top 4 or 5 inches” of contaminated dirt. An incredulous farmer responds that even if this were physically possible for the 150 to 200 acres each farmer owns, it would create a literal mountain of dirt. What hole do you toss that mountain into, he asks? How does that leave topsoil for growing anything?

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Democrats have to win two battles to unseat Trump — here's how they can do it

We have learned from conflicts ranging from World War 1 to Iraq that it is entirely possible to win the war and lose the peace.

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Republicans are winning their shadow war on America's government

In America’s cold civil war, it’s easy to focus on the pitched battles for the presidency and congress and, aside from occasional Supreme Court decisions that manage to penetrate our consciousness, forget an entire third branch of government. That’s because the fights over the political branches are surface operations while the battle for the courts is most akin to submarine warfare.

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Will Trump maintain his grip on the Republican Party even if he loses big in November?

Joe Biden currently holds a commanding lead over Donald Trump. He’s ahead by almost ten points in Real Clear Politics’ polling average (Hillary Clinton’s lead at the same point four years ago was five). And his national lead is reflected in the swing states, as a raft of state polls show Biden ahead everywhere from sunbelt states like Florida and Arizona to the critical rustbelt trifecta of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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