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Paul Krugman: The Nasty Truth That Trump Distracts Us From

Donald sucked up all the air in the room in 2015, Paul Krugman notes in Monday's column, but however much the GOP establishment laments him, their frontrunner has helped them out in one important way:  "It has distracted pundits and the press from the hard right turn even conventional Republican candidates have taken, a turn whose radicalism would have seemed implausible not long ago."

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The 9 Wackiest Gaffes So Far in the Presidential Campaign

When Gerald Ford said in a television debate in 1976 that Poland was free of Soviet influence, everyone agreed it was a cringe-worthy moment. Some said the gaffe may have even cost him the election. Although Ford initially doubled down on the misstatement, he eventually tried to correct himself on the campaign trail, and in his memoir chastised himself for not acknowledging earlier what he described as the “worst mistake I ever made politically."

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Mall of America Tries to Block Black Lives Matter Pre-Christmas Protest

The Mall of America is desperate not to let Black Lives Matter ruin its final days of shopping in the frantic consumerist run-up to Christmas, as the activist group did last year. On Friday, Mall of America, filed a temporary restraining order to prevent a protest planned for Wednesday.

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The Polluted Air You're Breathing Could Be Making You Gain Weight

Researchers are studying whether air pollution could be contributing to the obesity epidemic, and the news is not good for city dwellers and second-hand smokers. Increasingly, it looks like two people can have exactly the same diet and perform the same amount of exercise, but one may put on more weight depending on the air quality around their home.

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Paul Krugman on How Trump Is a Direct Descendant of 'W'

The Republican establishment needs to stop pretending that Donald Trump is some weird aberration for the party, Paul Krugman writes in Monday's column. You can pretty much trace his lineage directly from the dumbing down that started with George W. Bush. And it's not just Trump who engages in belligerent fact-free argumentation, of course. "The triumvirate of trash-talk," Krugman notes,  "Mr. Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz — now commands the support of roughly 60 percent of the primary electorate." The question is, why don't Republican voters care that the candidates they support routinely make false claims, and refuse to acknowledge error ever?

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5 Demented Right-Wing Moments This Week: Trump’s Spokeswoman Goes Nuclear

1. Donald Trump’s spokesperson scares the bejeezus out of us.  

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WATCH: Larry Wilmore Suggests Guillotine Might Be Apt for Pharma Bro

Looking back over 2015, Larry Wilmore thought justice had a pretty rough year. In fact, it was such a bad year that, "Justice is considering faking its own death, changing its name to Ronda and starting a new life in Toronto," The Nightly Show host quipped.

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Paul Krugman on the Movie that Big Money Doesn't Want You to See

Paul Krugman has not quite become a film critic, but he does give The Big Short," the new movie about the financial crisis of 2008, a thumbs up in Friday's column. His over-arching point is that some powerful interests want to spin the history of the crisis into something it was not, namely a problem of too much government regulation, when in fact the opposite is the case. And they are doing their best to make sure that "we don’t remember what happened, or that we remember it wrong." 

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The Empire Bites Back: British Now Have Better Teeth Than Americans Thanks to U.S. Inequality

Even steadfast Anglophiles have long had to admit that the British generally have pretty awful teeth. Here in the New World, thanks to the miracles of fluoridated water and presumably better dentistry, Americans have long enjoyed healthier and more attractive pearly whites.

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Bernie Sanders Brilliantly Explains the Strategy of the 'Ruling Class' in Two Minutes

In his wide-ranging interview with "Killer Mike," Bernie Sanders drew on his knowledge of the civil rights era to show how history repeats itself. His point was that hatred of others often has its roots in economics, and that it is always in the ruling class' interest to keep people down by dividing them.

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